We all get it. I'm the worst blogger in the world. I don't get paid to do this and thus, it's for my personal enjoyment. I will say, I love interacting with all of you on Instagram and I wish there were more hours in the day for me to be able to write here in this space and share all of my thoughts and goings on, BUT there's just not. So instead, y'all have settled into letting me be this way and thank you guys so much for that. I love a good catch up session. So here goes:
In 2017, I left my job. I was not in a good space and decided to be proactive and get out of there. I took a solo road trip through the desert and screamed into the abyss for a while. I wanted to be spontaneous. I wanted to be alone. I wanted to hike 12 hours a day every day. I wanted to be amazed. I wanted to see part of the U.S. I'd always dreamed about but had never visited. I wanted to see cliff dwellings, Monument Valley, and miles and miles of burnt desert ground. 
I got to do all of those things. With a duffel and a Yeti cooler, I devoured my life for three weeks in the desert. Mountain tops, mesas, valleys, canyons, and plains. I experienced it all.
But then I couldn't stop... 
I read books, dozens and dozens of books. I listened to podcasts and audiobooks. I sought out new music and went to concerts. I took more and more trips, spanning across 18 states in the past year. I made new friends. Reconnected with old ones. I walked away from others. I learned that it's ok to let go. It's ok to love yourself more.
I ran with wild horses. I went climbing. I stopped to listen to the soul lifting nothingness that exists only miles away from everything and everyone.
 I went ziplining and didn't wet my pants entirely. That was a shocker.
I performed a wedding on a maple farm in northern Vermont in the fall. So ultimately, I died and went to heaven.
I got to go to Salem three times!!! And see exhibits on two my favorite topics (classic horror and Georgia O'Keefe). 
I got to finally spend some quality time with Charley and Lou. 
I worked part time. I dog sat. I hiked. I petted ALL the puppies and met some seriously legit humans. I was able to work with Lou through rehabilitation.
And get his brows on fleek.
 I hosted a few workshops on travel and one on women's self defense. 
I started to cook again-like a lot. I sourced my ingredients knowing where they came from and the impact they had on the environment and our bodies. I got creative with how I cooked and what I cooked and finally enjoyed getting back in the kitchen and making meal times a priority again.
I remembered the value of a dollar. I got so used to making and spending money, that I forgot how hard it is to earn it sometimes. I made major adjustments to my spending behaviors-spending money on experiences rather than things and when I did actually need something, doing my research to make sure they were sustainably sourced, ethically produced, and high quality goods.
I invested in creating memories. After over a decade of loving Chris Smither and the blues, I finally got to see him live at Eddie's Attic. I got to meet the man who's been the voice in my head for almost fifteen years.
I've cleaned out my closet, and the rest of my house for that matter, and only kept the things I legitimately enjoy and utilize. I painted most of the house-rich, dark, gem tones for the most part, and you'd be amazed at how much it's changed and modernized the vibe. I also recently got rid of a lot of the art we had-items that we bought at estate sales and the like, when we could barely afford the house. Now that I've gone back to work and a paycheck is a little fatter, I've invested in some pieces I really, really love.
I started a new job, obviously. It's been a lotttt of travel but it's good. It's SO good. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and happens when it's supposed to. For nearly thirty years, I valued myself by how others saw me-by the grades I made, the schools I went to, the job I had, the amount that I made and where I lived. But I've learned to stop. 
I am not any of those things and neither are you. You are how you treat others. You are your interests. You are the choices you make. I no longer meet people and ask "so what do you do?" What a boring and insignificant question. Now, I ask about what they enjoy doing. I ask what books they've recently read or movies they like. I ask them what is the thing they stay up late at night learning about. 
So much has changed and for that I am grateful. Sending nothing but the best vibes and juju to you all.
Let's talk soon.
Xo R

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