Holidaze, Mediumism, & Conscious Purchasing

Y'all-this year has flown by. So many ups and downs. Adventures and times spent just enjoying friends and family at the house. I'm really excited for the holidays-not shocking I'm sure, since you've seen that my house has been decorated for Christmas since November 1st. Anyway, we all know this is the time of year people start to dig themselves a hole-of debt. People wait all year long for "Black Friday" sales to buy a bunch of stuff they'll give away as gifts  or for themselves. Before you go fight someone in the aisles at Best Buy, please ask yourself do you need it? Is it worth it? 

Is it worth your time to wait to get in the store? Is it worth the trouble or a day spent away from friends and family? Are you really going to get the amount of joy out of it that can justify the price? 

Beyond that, think about what you're buying. Are you buying it from a person or a company? Does that company practice the same things you value? It takes work to be a conscious consumer however, it can be done. You can always start. 

Understand I'm not a minimalist. I'm more of a mediumist. I really enjoy the things I have and I have quite a few things. When I buy things, I research companies and items before I buy them. Not everything I own is made from recycled plastic bottles or wood (even though a lot of it is), but I do try to be a conscious consumer.

My intention of this post was to make you aware. Like I said, I love what I do own and a lot of the items I have and utilize the most, were made by a person and from really quality materials. Usually the craftsmanship is guaranteed by that person to some extent. By purchasing items from them, you're affecting them directly. You're putting food on their table, clothes on their back and allowing them to continue their own small business and that is AWESOME. 

So. This holiday season, if you need to buy something for yourself or a friend or family member, buy small and local whenever you can. Below are a few of my favorite companies and items. 


These handmade wooden clogs are made in Sweden. They're stylish and unexpected, ridiculously comfortable and surprisingly affordable and quiet. I've had other pairs of clogs in the past that were loud, clunky, and did a number on my feet. Make sure you measure yourself properly before you order as they're European sizing and in my experience, run a little small. There are other companies out there but these are my choice. If you need a pair of shoes, order here.


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Charley and I both own one of Meg's wallets. She is an Atlanta local and a legit leathersmith. She and I met via Instagram years ago and became "real life" friends earlier in the summer. I have other large wallets I love but as I get older, simple seems to be what I gravitate towards. Her bags and wallets have clean lines, are made from really quality leather, and are designed well. That last bit is particularly important. There are tons of leathersmiths out there but their designs aren't functional or meet the needs of their customers. Meg's do. She knows what women need! Check out her website here and invest in a piece that will last a lifetime. She can also do custom stuff-contact her and tell her what you have been dying for.  Keep in mind she can also monogram your items! I had someone steal my first wallet from her but return the contents! I guess that says something.

Meet Meg! (above) She's wearing the Molly Romper made by Lakeland, FL girl...


Like I said, the older I get, the more I appreciate the basics. If I can't style something at least five different ways, I usually won't buy it. That is what I love most about this brand-you can style any of her pieces at least five different ways and she does an excellent job of showing you how to do it via her Instagram. I am slightly larger than her average customer and being that she makes each garment, I figured it wouldn't be worth her time to help accommodate my larger size as plenty of companies, even ethical ones, don't. False! She asked me to send my measurements and adjusted the pattern for the Molly Romper to accommodate my abundance of booty and bubbies. I have never had any other company go out of their way to accommodate my larger stature and that is something I'll never forget. She showed me that she valued me as a customer. I know it was probably a pain to have to make something slightly custom but she didn't complain about it-she was encouraging! This is why I buy from small makers and particularly why I'll continue to buy from her. I mattered as a customer and today, that is rare. Check out her website and treat yourself or someone you love. The fabrics she uses are incredibly soft and the cuts are not only comfortable but insanely flattering. I'd suggest the Molly Romper or the Ruby Dress. Let me know what you get! Use the code "THANKFUL" at checkout for $15 off anything on her website. Also, can we talk about her legit tattoos and those clogs?! Yas girl, yas!


If you know someone that is more hands-on or you yourself are that person, check out my friend Meghan's site and get one of her patterns! These make for a great gift in that you can make either a top, dress, or skirt in whatever fabric you choose if you know how to sew. The patterns are affordable and allow you the opportunity to make something custom that nobody else will have. While you're at it, make a garment for someone else! If you recall, I met her on a plane and noticed how great she was as a mom. She brought watercolors for her kids instead of ipads and healthy snacks instead of candy. This lady is doing it all right. She's got impeccable style, great taste in movies, and is pretty much my idol. Check her out!


Last but not least, I had to mention this company. This company sustainably manufactures these beautiful hair sticks. They're better for your hair than elastics and far more stylish. For every one purchased, trees are planted in Indonesia and the hair sticks themselves are made from sustainable wood. I haven't gotten mine in yet so I can't vouch for the quality yet, but so far, I'm extremely impressed by the initiative, branding, and customer service. I'll keep you posted as to when they come in (should be any day) but in the mean time, consider making the switch from elastic to wood.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of some other gift ideas should you need them. Now, go make some orders and spend your Black Friday outside with the ones you love. Happy Thanksgiving y'all. Remember every day is a gift and to experience just one more with the ones I love, for that I'm grateful.

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