Classic Horror Exhibit

While we were doing our New England road trip, we passed through Salem, Massachusetts. We were mostly going for the witch museum (I'd already been but Charley never had and I loved it and forced it on him ha!) but when I saw that there was a Classic Horror exhibit, I had to go. Unfortunately, we were passing through on our way to Newport, RI and it was closed on Mondays. Freaking closed Mondays and Museums, screwed us out of seeing Museé D'Orsay in Paris too...

Well, because we had a horrific Airbnb experience in Cambridge and had to flee what was probably a gambling or sex trafficking operation that looked much like this final scene in Nosferatu (above), we ended up back in Salem for a night just so we could see the exhibit. I was pumped.

The entire exhibit was comprised of all personal collection pieces from Kirk Hammett, the guitarist for Metallica. Like me, he's dark and has always been obsessed with classic horror and whatnot. Unlike me, he has the financial resources to have custom guitars painted with classic horror art on them and collect some of the original movie posters, lithograph prints, costumes and toys from the genre. 

To be able to see all of this art from my favorite genre was a freaking dream and if you get the chance to go before it leaves, DO it. 

The exhibit was really well curated and goes into detail about why these designs were so different to the time. The Frankenstein poster from above really shows off how much of a difference typography and selective color can make. 

Even if horror isn't your thing, like Charley, you can still appreciate the art and design of all of these pieces. This Nosferatu poster was one of my favorites.

And for those of you who love AHS, you might not have known that the carnival season was based off of a MGM movie from the 1930s.

These were a few of my other favorites, original paintings of some of the kings of cult classic horror. Dracula and the Phantom of the Opera (below). I loved that the Phantom was included because most wouldn't consider that part of the classic horror genre-I disagree and think he very much is.

This painting of Bella Lugosi gave great contrast to the rest of the exhibit, depicting him as a classy gentleman rather than a king of horror.

What's the best museum exhibit you've ever been to? This was definitely in my top 5!


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