Planning For Affordable Travel

I recently hosted an event at Athleta Atlantic Station that focused on how to plan for affordable travel. As part of the workshop, I created a handout that you can download here! However, some of the tips I didn't include are packing small! We had to check bags for our recent trip to Boston because of formal wear for the wedding I performed and because of those checked bags, we missed the cut off for check in on the way back (45 min) and had to wait 8 hours for the next flight just.because.our.bags. Rough, and reason enough to pack light.

Also, download all your podcasts and movies before you leave. Some airlines still charge for inflight wifi, movies and headphones-bring all your own!

Instead of going out to breakfast at a sit-down restaurant and having to wait forever and tip huge, you can just grab a box of pastries at a local bakery. Legit, my new favorite bakery IN.THE.WORLD. is 7 Stars Bakery in Providence, Rhode Island. Life changing croissants-not even exaggerating. It's also where they filmed the opening scenes of Dan in Real Life which is a wonderful movie.

Staying in cozy Airbnbs is a huge means of saving some cash. They're typically half of what a hotel would be an most of the time, the hosts are incredible. I've met so many nice folks using Airbnb that have helped me find local restaurants or plan hiking for later during my trip when I was out west. It's definitely an added bonus to get one-on-one time and knowledge from a local.

Stop buying bottled water! I always pack our reusable bottles and refill them at the airport/place we're staying in the morning so we have them for the day. You can refill them with water and lemons if you're out to lunch later in the day, too.

Sometimes we pack a lunch/picnic if we don't feel like spending the time sitting in a restaurant, especially if we're eating light however, lunch is a great way to try restaurants without a hefty price tag. Margaritas at noon on vacay = no judgies!

Spending time outdoors is FREE. This is the view from Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island. It's breezy and beautiful and allows you views of some of the major  mansions without the entry fees. That being said, if you're going to take the tour, do the math. Getting the 5 pack or membership is a way better deal than the ticket that allows you only 1 or 2 mansion tours.

Research in advance and see which hikes are around you and get there early to have the place to yourself.

Stop paying for tours-we're Millenials and we've got Google! I wanted to go on a Hocus Pocus tour the last time I was in Salem, MA about 12 years ago and the tickets were around $40 each. Hello, Google search. Around 15 minutes later, I had the addresses and info of all the stops where they filmed Hocus Pocus throughout Salem-FOR FREE! Hello 6pm you see Max's house above?! Didn't you always want the room with the tower?!

Max Dennison's school/where they thought they roasted the Sanderson sisters.

Allison's house

Town Hall where the Sanderson Sisters put a spell on everybody!

If you want to go to a show or a game, look for last minute tickets. We got tickets for $13 to the Red Sox game and had a blast!

Hopefully these tips are helpful! Let me know if you have any that I missed!

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