New England Style

As most of you know, we recently got back from a New England road trip. I was the officiant for my friend Lydia's wedding and we decided to make it into a 10 day vacay! We flew into Boston, did the wedding in Vermont and then hiked in New Hampshire, saw mansions in Rhode Island, and then finished out the trip back in Boston seeing the Sox and eating ourselves half to death in the North End.

One of the things I noticed on this trip is everyone's style is so different up there and I'm honestly pretty envious. Blame it on the weather or call it "Cambridge Cool" but it's definitely something to note. Everybody looks put together but like they were too busy reading or planning the next protest to care about what they threw on that morning. Exhibit A, the girl below at the Harvard bookstore. Creepy that I took the pic, but I had to-she was the perfect example of what I'd been thinking the entire trip. 

Look at her! She's got a cute dress on, it's weather appropriate, comfortable footwear, and too studious, it would seem, to be bothered to do her hair so she opted for natural with a boho headband. I was feeling it. It made me want to come back home and wear nothing but dresses myself. Which ultimately led to the purchase of this pretty fem little number below from Anthro. It also comes in a pumpkin color, which I'd love, but I really don't need two. In reality it's a really nice emerald green and I thought it would be great for multi season AND it made me feel like a million bucks so I ponied up.

Not going to lie, there's definitely other folks in New England that style themselves a bit differently. Exhibit B: Salem, MA and the apparent witch coven crossing in front of the coffee shop we were at. Par for the course in Salem and I will tell you, definitely wasn't mad about the pretty large number of folks wearing fun Sanderson Sisters tshirts around town...I also ordered one of those. Because I'm a freaking monster and couldn't help myself.

I feel like physical style is only half of what caught my eye. It's the attitude, really. The bookstores in this part of the country are freaking incredible. It's been a while since I've gone into a bookstore and been like "can I just die here?" because the selection is THAT good and I don't want to leave. I think it breeds a culture of readers. I myself will probably always identify more with East Coasters because of that. Below are a few books that caught my eye along the way. 

Adore the movie, Practical Magic, so I'm really pumped to finally read the book. 

Has there ever been a place you've gone where you really identified with the style or attitude? Where?! and WHY?! 

Check back in soon for a book reveiw on The Geography of Bliss!

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