Warhol at the High Museum

As you probably know, I'm all about taking advantage of seeing your city and exhibits as much as you can and exploring for cheap! The second Sunday of every month is free at the High Museum here in Atlanta but this is the first time Charley and I've gone on this day. We've been members for six years. After parking in Ansley Park and walking 10 min, we saw the line...hours waiting in 93 deg to get in for free! I don't know if it's always this bad or if it's because this is the last free showing before the Warhol exhibition leaves.

Anyway, there's no way Charley and I could wait hours in the sun to get in-my pale face burns and we only have one small bottle of water. I skipped to the front and just went ahead and got the membership for the year-bypassing the hundreds of people waiting in line. FYI student memberships are only $35 so if you know anybody that's a student, you can tag along with them for $5 as a guest! Totally worth the splurge to get out of the sun and heat and not waste half your Sunday waiting in line. What's something fun and interesting in your city?!

As for the exhibit, very cool and well curated. There was a large variety-his early work, his most famous pieces, and some of his most private/risqué prints that were made for private collections. 
The majority of the pieces came from a private collector in Portland-pretty nuts to think one person has all of these, right? 

If you have time to go before it leaves the High on September 3rd-GO! And if not, go anyway and see some of the permanent pieces including a Frank Lloyd Wright desk and my favorite, the pirate by Norman Rockwell. Either way, here's a taste of the Warhol exhibit in case you can't make it! If you want to come to Atlanta, don't forget, we have the Airbnb-stay with us and I'll make you breakfast and you can play with Lou! You can also check out this post for a list of other fun things to do in Atlanta!


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