I recently looked back at an old post of mine and it was outlining what I was into at the moment. It's pretty interesting to see how things change over the course of a few short years. I figured I'd do a catch up so a few years down the road I can see where I was out during this period.

Reading: I just finished The Axeman of New Orleans. I went to the book signing (with Louis) at Eagle Eye Books and met the author. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. It's very well researched and packed with information but not in a monotonous way. Per Charley's suggestion, I just started reading The Geography of Bliss, about different countries' happiness levels all over the world. The author seems like a miserable old jerk but we'll see how it shapes up.

Listening: I've been listening to podcasts a lot recently, as you probably read from one of my recent posts. My top 3 favorites are This Podcast is Haunted, We Hate Movies, and Anything Ghosts. I really was loving My Favorite Murder and was part of the FB group for it too but the other members/fans just got so crazy, it's kind of ruined it for me. And the ads! There's so many ads on their show now!

If it's not podcasts, lately it's been the blues, like Howlin' Wolf. Hear you some.

Following: A lot of minimalist/Scandi interior design bloggers on Instagram and folks doing stylish capsule wardrobes. And Louis, around the house.

Enjoying: Pre-emptive fall vibes. I'm so ready for leaves and homemade apple butter, sweaters, boots, and Halloween. I've been watching all of my favorite horror movies lately, Halloween (the series) being the most watched.

Sharing: Food. I love to cook for people and with Fall being around the corner, I'm so in the mood to make people feel all the hygge feels. I'm making a batch of slow cooker apple butter this week and I'm really excited about it.

Eating: At home all the time. And loving it because I've been shopping at Dekalb Farmers Market for fresh, seasonal foods and making some really amazing vegetarian meals. I recently made some awesome veggie burgers, the base of which is cannellini beans and tried my hand at enchiladas last night-SO good!

Quote: I've been working on the wedding ceremony for a friend's wedding I'm performing in a few short weeks and over the course of writing it, I thought about and included one of my favorite things from Jonathan Swift, "May you live every day of your life." It says so much and serves as a wonderful reminder to see every day as a gift.

If you have anything I need to be following or reading or listening to, let me know!

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