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Over the past six months, I've tried to make a conscious effort to embrace only the things in my life that I value. Good people, real friends and relationships, sustainable clothes, interesting books, and inspiring content.

As for everything else? It had to go. I realized that people I thought were friends really weren't. That for relationships to be such, they have to be two-sided. That your time is the most precious thing you can give and you shouldn't give it too freely. The time I've saved by eliminating those crap relationships, I've been able to be a much better friend to the people that matter. Overall, It's been really eye-opening and I have to say I'm much happier living a heavily edited life.

I've noticed I'm not reading as much lately. I'm freaking tired. Some of the books I started, I haven't been loving. And instead of getting wrapped up in my 50 book reading challenge for Goodreads and just getting them done, I'm giving myself a break and reading when I want to and because I want to.

**I know that sentence ended in a preposition, but I just don't give a damn.**

I've not been posting as much either. I post content that I think is a positive additive to I'm so tired of seeing the same content from so many bloggers, vloggers, and other bored and boring people who want to share every detail of their day. I don't want to buy your ugly, over-produced sandals or boots or tights, sorry!

I've edited what I post but I've also drastically edited the content I read, watch, and scroll. If it's not inspiring or informative, I've unfollowed, unfriended, blocked, deleted, or Spam foldered. You know I don't use Twitter, because I hate it. I recently downloaded Snapchat for the funny filters but don't post in Snapchat, instead sending everything over Instagram since that's my one space in which I like to engage.

These days, I live turned off. All my notifications-gone. I was so exhausted and anxious constantly seeing my phone light up, vibrate, or yell at me that something or someone needed my attention. Guess what-almost nothing that pops up as a notification on your phone is as important as the people and adventure and life in front of you. It's ok to turn your notifications off. To check your emails less. To stop responding to people that aren't a priority in your life. Not everybody has to be your "friend." Some people are just people.

I often turn my phone on Airplane Mode because I just need a minute. I want to finish reading that magazine article. I want to pet Louis or go for a walk without interruption.

I cleared out my closet. If I didn't wear it in the past 60 days and it's not a seasonal item, I sold it or sent it packing to Goodwill. One girl's unworn graphic tee...

Anything I buy, I keep the tags on and make sure I love it and want to wear it immediately and can wear it with at least five other items in my closet. If it doesn't make the cut, I return it. This prevents me from buying garbage that just caught my eye or hanging onto things thinking I'll wear them later. I pay attention to fabrics, how it was made and dyed, if it's a sustainably sourced fabric or ethically made item. Not all of this is new, but wanted to share with you in case you were curious.

I used to listen to music all the time. Most of the time it was whatever was on the radio or the same 25 songs on repeat. At this point, I have some pretty heavily curated playlists on Spotify or some stations on Pandora that are pretty excellent at predicted song/artist selection. In the past three months however, I've started turning more towards podcasts. Like all the time. I love that I can turn one on 1.5 speed and get through a bunch in a day. I love getting recommendations and have loved a variety of different topics. Some of the ones I listen to weekly are My Favorite Murder, Knifepoint Horror, Anything Ghost, You Must Remember This, The Vanished, We Hate Movies and the  Film Sack. I used to listen to The Minimalists podcast but I felt like they covered the same damn topics with the same canned and crappy answers week after week-and nobody's got time for that. So hello, unsubscribe button.

Ah. It feels good to talk about it. Have you tried editing your life? Have you felt a positive change in yourself since changing up a few things? Would love to hear your thoughts...and Podcast recommendations. Much love, chat soon.

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