PNW Road Trip Day 7

The last day of our trip was spent going to Mount Hood to see the Timberline Lodge and the waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge, including Multnomah Falls.

Pooks started the day shame eating a VooDoo doughnut (on National Doughnut Day) in the mirror. I laughed until I almost puked because he has no shame about eating ha! Ignore his weird stumpy foot stance. He does it when he's thinking.

We drove out of Portland towards the gorge but stopped by Coava Coffee Roasters per Lindsay's suggestion. Charley said that the coffee was really good and loved the interior and loot they were selling. I don't drink coffee so I took his word for it and waited in the car since the parking situation was not happening.

The Columbia River!

This is the observation building. It's really pretty inside and if you go down to the bathrooms, they're all that very old school, murdery looking you'd find in an insane asylum. To darrrrrk people like me, it's a fun find. The older ladies volunteering asked if I would like a winery tour nearby and I said duh except the hangover I was nursing from drinking rosé with Beth and Betch (Lindsay's pet name from Beth), wouldn't allow me to do it that day. They laughed at my honesty...but for real. No more wine, please!

The road down from the observation building has half a dozen waterfalls along the right side before hitting the highway again. 

Latourell Falls.

There's a little hike beyond the falls that takes you to an old town. Today, it consists of maybe 5 buildings but is no longer open for development, having become part of the park area.

This bridge is over 100 years old but was really beautifully built.

Some are more crowded than others, Multnomah (top) being a major tourist destination. Tour buses and school buses were everywhere but we were lucky enough to nab a parking spot just long enough to pop up and see it. In all honesty, after seeing the waterfalls on the coast and in the rainforest, these were a let down.

We drove towards Mt. Hood and it's pretty amazing to see a snow covered monster peak in early June!

I've never been to a mountain where you can literally ski/board all the way to your car. I was worried some of the boarders were going to land on our car. 

The Timberline Lodge was only used for exterior shots for The Shining. Absolutely none of it was shot here. Not the maze. Not the lobby (which was actually inspired by the lobby in the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite Valley, having been designed by the same architect). Nada! I thought at least SOMETHING would have been shot here but nope. It was kind of a huge disappointment but oh well. It's a neat, historic lodge with a lot of the original furniture. This angle of the hotels shows where Shelley Duval would have told Danny to run after Jack Nicholson pulls the ol' "Heeeere's Johnny!" move in the bathroom.

The stonework in the hotel and the wood carvings on the bannister ends were really impressive.

This original stone fireplace is several stories high and was still going in June because of the chill on the mountain. Snow is pretty much always found on Mt. Hood due to the elevation. 

Loved this massive painting of a mountain man and his St. Bernard in the lobby.

These loveseat/couches are from when the hotel was originally built. Cool design huh? Very rustic industrial.

Check out the rawhide seats in these chairs!

Theses were the original models done of the furniture before they were fabricated.

We had (a very over priced) lunch at the lodge and wandered around and then hit the road back to Seattle to catch our flight. It was so bright we had to wear our sunnies indoors, particularly because the reflection off the slopes. The waitstaff aren't allowed to wear theirs inside which I feel like is some form of cruelty and probably damaging their eyes long term.

When we were walking to our car we came across this boarder in his leather kilt. When he saw me smiling and trying to nab a picture, he posed for me and said something like gnarly times or rad...something as 70s as he looked.

On our drive back to Seattle, Charley almost wrecked because we both couldn't stop staring at THESE sweet babies that pulled up next to us. Bully party in the truck?! Invite us!

Made it to the airport just in time to read a bit before a 12 hr long travel day back home. Layovers suck but this trip overall certainly did not! 

Hope y'all enjoyed following along! I'm going to be better about posting about trips from now on. I downloaded a new mobile app that's far better at uploading pictures/posts remotely which has made my life MUCH easier. 

Which was your favorite day?! Were any of our stops ones that you really want to go to now? Let me know!

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  1. This might be my favorite date of your trip, if you include Voodoo doughnuts! Those looked to die for. :-)


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