PNW Road Trip Day 6

I'll say it-it was SO hard leaving Cannon Beach! It was so pretty and misty and relaxing getting to just meander around the beach and cook and watch movies in front of the fire. Absolutely perfect day. But onward! We drove to Portland and dropped our stuff at the Hotel Rose-Staypineapple. Amanda greeted us out front and told us about parking, got us checked in early and gave us complimentary bikes to ride for the day and even shuttled us to dinner later!

Favorite thing about the hotel other than Amanda's bomb attitude, the twin duvets! Traditionally  you only see this in Europe because they don't have king size beds so they have to shove smaller mattresses together and then eat person gets their own duvet. This setup is awesome for people whose partners are cover hogs...coughPookscough... There is no top sheet because the duvets are washed instead. Staypineapple encourages you to sleep naked with fun little naked pineapple infographics in the room. These duvets were so incredibly soft that I suggest it too! The hotel also had Tommy Bahamas body products so I felt all tropical.

There's a little husky stuffed animal in each room that if you purchased and took home with you, the money goes to feeding local kids. Freaking nice, right?

Beggars can't be choosey, right? We were grateful for the free bikes (and locks and helmets) from the hotel but they definitely took getting some used to when you're accustomed to a high end road bike or commuter bike. We couldn't help but laugh at each other looking like giraffes riding a mini bike.

First stop, VooDoo Doughnuts! You can't tell from the picture but the wall was painted with a clear glaze of glitter. YASSSS!

The selection was insane but we settled on these bad boys. We couldn't get through an entire one but we picked them apart over the next few hours.

Next stop was Stumptown Coffee. Charley goes to Read Shop in Vinings here in Atlanta and they brew so it was nice to go to one of the actual shops...even if there were crazy homeless people out front barking at us and waving sticks like swords. Mental illness and drug addiction is a MAJOR problem in Portland and has been since the last time I was there 14 years ago. Lesson: if someone is running at you, run away.

Two words, one place: Powell's Books. We spent hours in this mega book store and I still didn't get to every room (designated by color). I got a ton of ideas for books I want to ask the library for (if they don't have them already) since I couldn't cart everything home. I did wonder if the little fur nugget (above) would have been allowed to walk or if he preferred to chill in his side pouch.

I loved seeing curated genre sections. And LOOK! Drawdown by Paul Hawken is up there! We went to his book signing when he was here in Atlanta at the Jimmy Carter Center.

We popped by some fun outudoor stores around Powell's including the Patagonia Portland store (where I finally scored the Pataloha dress of my dreams in my size) before heading to dinner with some friends...

Meet Bethany.  Or Beth, to her friends. @pardonthyfrench to her fans. And below is her mom, Lindsay. We've been Instie friends for a while now so when we got to Portland, dinner and rosé was a must. Lindsay and I had a freaking blast drankin' and messing with Beth, obviously. It's so nice when you get to meet someone in person (or dog) and they're even better than you had imagined (which for these two is a feat!).

Beth loved Charley and his manly man beard and I'm pretty sure he died a little inside every time she wiggled her little nugget nub. If you were wondering, Beth was a rescue. She escaped a sh*t life at a puppy mill and then had to have her leg amputated due to cancer. Ruff life but then she got her mom! And I've got to say, Lindsay is up there, like top 5 best dog mom's ever. So glad they found each other.

I mean...I'm dead, get the tequila bottle. #cremation.

After dinner, Lindsay and Beth took us to a local ice cream shop, Salt & Straw, with the line out the door. Lindsay threw it into a parallel spot and used Beth to get us to the front of the line to get some pints to go.  Local chick trick. Duh-lish.

We walked back to the hotel from there and got to see some of the other neighborhoods in Portland. This area was definitely our favorite. We passed a vintage cars shop on the walk and it was fun to get a peak.

We had a hard time getting up and out the next morning. Duvets. Rosé. Don't try me before 9am. We eventually got up and headed to Mount Hood and the falls area of the Columbia River Gorge. Check in tomorrow for the final PNW road trip post!

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