PNW Road Trip Day 5

Cannon Beach day! We woke up early and hit the road, leaving Quinault behind. A storm was rolling in so we wanted to make it to the beach with maybe a little time to get in a walk without a downpour. We lucked out and made it without getting drenched. We immediately went to Ecola State Park before checking in and exploring town.

Ecola beach was filled with marine life. Unfortunately, I had to tell some folks from Utah that NO you're not supposed to pick up the marine life and take it home with you! Some people are just so entirely clueless-that's a living, breathing animal that you want to kill off so you can put it on your coffee table? Ya jerk! Instead of telling him what I really thought I explained why you couldn't do that and also taught him and his kids about the different parts of the sea stars and how they eat/move etc.

We went to the Lazy Susan Cafe. It was one of the few restaurants that was open-a lot of things are closed Tuesday and Wednesday in Cannon Beach, including the brewery. Most of the restaurants are very expensive but this was tasty and not too insane when it came to price point. 

We ran into these sweet baby muggins! The white one looks just like @lulunasty !

Pooks started embracing Oregon Coastal Chic as a look. I kept dragging him down to tidal areas to look for sea life so out came those sexy calves and overall hipster look.

This cave is at Hug Point State Park, about 5 miles south of Cannon Beach.

Again...releasing his inner Oregon Beach Hipster.

We hid out in the cave for a few minutes when it started storming.

We stayed at the Argonatta in Cannon Beach and had the best time. It was a condo with a kitchen and fireplace so we opted to stay in and cook scallops rather than waste 3 hours at a restaurant. When it wasn't misty we had the perfect view of Tillamook Lighthouse just beyond those two rocks you see. 

I absolutely loved our time in Cannon Beach because it was one of the few days we just took things slow and didn't cram in a bunch of activities. Nothing better than a night cooking with a sea breeze and a fire going. And a Woody Allen movie. 

Stay tuned for last few days of the trip!

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