PNW Road Trip Day 4

We woke up in Forks and hit the road early so we could potentially avoid the storm that was rolling in towards Lake Quinault. We didn't miss it entirely but we only experienced a mist/drizzle combo the entire time we were there. Honestly, I'd have been disappointed if it weren't a little rainy in the PNW.

I was obsessed with all of the huge bunches of forsythia along the roads in Washington. 

This is the Lake Quinault Lodge. It was initially built in the 1870s but burned down in 1926. A decade later, Roosevelt visited the lodge and was so inspired, he created Olympic National Park a year later in 1937. This is my favorite place in the whole world. The totem you see in the middle of the fireplace is a rainfall meter. They track it annually and compare it to the record of 16'. This is the wettest place in the continental U.S. Yassss! Bring on the sweaters and boots, baby.

I came to the lodge with my family when I was 14 and it has made me want to run an inn ever since. Well, that and the Claudia Bishop Hemlock Falls Murder Mystery series. This place is so quite and peaceful and naturally beautiful.

Supposedly, the Inn is haunted by a ghost named Beverly. She was a housekeeper and was trapped in the attic during the fire in 1926. She is known to live on the floor of the 200 block rooms. It's not at all advertised that the place is haunted, in fact they keep it under wraps. It's only because a waitress who used to be the manager of the inn 20 years ago told me when we were discussing other dark things.

Apparently, none of the staff likes to do inventory in the attic. It's creepy even passing the stairs to the attic...right off the 200 block... but the waitress told me that Beverly likes to open the windows on the 200 floor and people have reported curtains moving in rooms that aren't occupied. She also said that glasses sometimes go flying across the room when people are doing inventory upstairs. Spooky!

I dug in a bit more online and one woman reported a woman named Beverly coming in her room (one of the 200s) and when she reported it, the staff had to tell her what it was. Needless to say, she bolted. Thus why nobody talks about it at the inn. 

Another woman said that her young daughter was staying in the room next to hers and she woke up in the middle of the night realizing she hadn't turned on the heat in her daughter's room, she went to check on her. When she went to the old radiator dial that has to be turned on manually, it had already been turned on, and a blanket had been draped over her daughter. She said she quietly thanked Beverly and went back to sleep. Apparently Beverly has a soft spot for kids.

The lodge and the amazing hiking trails around the lake are part of the Quinaulti Reservation however, the NPS has a presence there. There's a ranger station next to the lodge and they pointed us to the 4.5 mile trail around the property. It's absolutely stunning with 4 waterfalls along the way. As you can see below, some of the trail has been flooded this year but nothing you can't manage around. Keep an eye out for flying squirrels too! They little chubby nuggets with extra fat sacks under their arms that allow them to catch air...I know. I'm obsessed too. I finally saw one but it took 14 years of thinking about it since the last time I was there. Woof.

Tree hugger for life. This give you some idea of scale since my wingspan is pretty enormous.

Pay attention when you hike-you'll see the most amazing things like slugs, snails, strange birds and sometimes Robin's eggshells.

I freaked out and videoed this little hummingbird at lunch (DEFINITELY get the Monte Cristo sandwich) and dinner (skip dinner, was unimpressive-try the Salmon House down the road).

Largest Spruce Tree in the WORLD.

This was just on the side of the road when we were driving along the south side of the lake towards the Pony Bridge Trail.

If you're going to explore Washington or hike, you really shouldn't miss Hoh Rainforest of Quinault. Out of all the parks in the world, the Olympic National area that pretty much encompasses this whole region, has always been and probably always will be my favorite. There's something wonderful about the misty darkness and massiveness of everything. 

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