PNW Road Trip Day 3

Day 3 was a full one. We woke up at the ranch Airbnb we were staying at around 530a and the sun was already up on the mountain. You could see the the fog over the strait but it wasn't able to reach the farm-it was beautiful to be in the sun seeing into the fog.

There were thousands of dandelions on the ranch.

And Pooks was obsessed with the dozens of coffee shacks along the road the entire time we were out west. They were all designed differently so it was fun to see such unique little tiny house coffee places in some really remote areas!
We passed Lake Crescent again on the way back to Hoh Rainforest.
Cows roam free in the (Olympic) National Park.
NBD. Elk have no chill.
Notice the falls at the back of the pic on the top left.
We found a little patch of land above the lower falls that we could hide in the shade and away from other hikers and have lunch.
And brought sandwiches from the grocery near the ranch. Best picnic spot ever.
Dogs aren't welcome in this park but these badasses snuck sweet baby girl in to do some hiking. Booyah.
I love this forest. So many different types of trees including massive cypress around 4.5 mi into the 5 Mile Island trail hike.
5 Mile Island refers to the gravel island in the middle of the river. It's also a campground area on shore. If you're planning on staying, check in with the rangers first. You can go all the way to Glacier Meadows but that's over 26 miles of hiking.
I hiked in Chacos and the grit and sand got in and ripped blisters in my feet. I rinsed them off in the stream and grabbed Crushe's (shoes) out of my bag to hike out. Notice the Chaco tan lines.
After Hoh Rainforest, we went to Ruby Beach on the Washington Coast. It's like the rocky, Washington version of Canon Beach. Plus driftwood. We came here as a family when I was younger and I fell in love with the dark and stormy vibes here. 
When we left Ruby Beach we headed back to Forks for dinner and a hot shower and to crash. Such a good, full day.
Lake Quinault and the best lunch ever, coming tomorrow!

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