PNW Road Trip Day 2

The second day of our trip was broken up between three areas: Seattle, Bainbridge Island, and the Lake Crescent area. We stayed in the city so we woke up early, picked up some pastries along the way and walked to the Space Needle. We hit that stop first since you have an hour window to get on the elevator to get up. We got there at 8:15a and were some of the first people to the top. Nice warm weather, great views, great way to start the day. Pretty neat that the Space Needle was originally part of the World's Fair but today, it's in line with some of our modern architecture being put out today...

We popped across the sidewalk to the Chihuly exhibit. I have loved him as an artist since I was 15 and have seen his exhibits any time they've popped up nearby. He has done amazing exhibits all over the world like Israel and Venice. Today he doesn't blow glass but rather instructs a team of artisans ever since he lost his eyesight in one eye in an accident. The thing I love most about him is how he doesn't stick to just one thing. He infuses neon into the glass, done bowl collections inspired by native American art, others by marine life, and ohhh the chandeliers. 

Only in Seattle would someone buy $15 plant diorama kits.

These are my (bike) people.

The ferry trip is surprisingly pretty cheap-$25 for the car and both of us. We got there 30 minutes in advance and were able to get on but some times and some days are more busy, so plan accordingly.

Pretty sure this guy was just a passenger, but nice outfit, Capt'n.

It was definitely colder on the deck than you'd have thought with it being in the 80s.

Met this sweet girl when we got off the boat in Bainbridge.

Went to the local bookstore, very well organized, but not a helpful staff. After standing around for 10 minutes trying to check out and 4 staffers chatting with other folks, I put this book back and added it to my list to grab on my Kindle.

Lake Crescent is stunning. BUT the visitor center / ranger station is closed this time of year and there's no water so BRING ENOUGH WATER WITH YOU.

Marymere Falls.

Pass Marymere Falls and just keep going. It will lead to the Barnes Creek Trail. It goes for 8.5 miles each way so figure out how long you want to go and then turn around. We went until it started getting dark in the forest (way earlier than if you weren't).

We decided to grab a Hot N' Ready and crazy bread and head to a mountain top. We watched the fog come in and then headed to the Airbnb ranch we stayed at. They had 7 dogs, 7 horses and it was a blast. They had all sorts of family and friends around so it was noisy but after hiking 15 miles that day, we got showers and conched out.

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