Explaining My Absence

I've had a lot of you acknowledge my absence from the blog over the past few months so I figured I should acknowledge it as well. I've found myself with the time to be able to travel, read, see old friends, hike, bike, celebrate birthdays, go to a polo match, ride the Beltline, cook, eat, go to the beach...I've been living. Most people have asked why I'm traveling so much, doing so much. My response is, why not? People have said things like "oh that's on my bucket list," or "oh one day when I have the time" or "yea but I don't have the money." Fun fact-all this fun stuff I've been doing lately, has been on the weekends which means, there is no excuse why you couldn't too.

Here's the thing: bucket lists are garbage. Often they're just a list of vague and usually unattainable things to do when you have the time, means, or reason (like impending death). Every time someone has given me an excuse as to why they can't do what I've been doing, I want to throw rocks. If you want to go somewhere or see something or do something bad enough, you will make it happen. I saved money to be able to go on my massive road trip. I went to Colorado for a weekend to see a friend and it cost me $100 for the flight and whatever I spent on food. You don't have to be rich to travel, you have to want it more than a fancy meal, drinks, or another shirt you don't actually need.

As I said, I've been reading a lot. I recently started Thomas Friedman's book, Thank You For Being Late and even in the first chapter, I'm loving his writing and the concept. He explains the title stating that whenever people are late for meetings with him, he has started to appreciate it. He appreciates having the time to have a few unscheduled minutes to just sit and observe, to slow down. Until recently, I wouldn't have been able to relate to that feeling. Every minute of every day since I was 15 has been scheduled, it seems. It was nice to read someone else's acknowledgement that the world is moving at a pace that is just exhausting. I think about it often, especially when I look at social media and other blogs. Too many people feel the need to share every minute of their day on a minimum of four different places (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook). I engage in some social media, obviously. I love Instagram and use Facebook personally to keep up with old friends but I choose not to use Snapchat or Twitter and I don't really use the Instagram story function. It's too much. Leave a little to the imagination. Have some privacy. Live in the moment. Breathe. Slow down.

Anywho, I wanted to touch base. I've got a few book reviews coming soon and a trip to Washington and Oregon coming up. I'll be updating Instagram but as you can imagine, this space is a bit more time consuming to flush out. Thanks, as always for sticking with me. I'd love to hear what y'all have been up to! What books are you reading? Have you been anywhere fun? Let me know!

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