Lessons Learned: Vol 3

When you're by yourself on the road for weeks, the silence becomes deafening and sometimes it gets lonely. Anybody who tells you otherwise is borderline a hermit or a complete liar.

Luckily, I enjoy being alone and I've learned to accept and even appreciate silence but there are times when you've got to do something before you go loopy.


Find a friend (fuzzy or otherwise) even when you're completely off the grid, blast some good music, find some great food, and do a lot of stretching.

This sweet horse was one of the only people I talked to for four days if we discredit the drunk who hit on me while I was trying to eat dinner in Moab. She was so sweet. She followed me, never tried to bite or nibble, and just nuzzled-for almost an hour. I think we were both grateful for some company and love, at least I was.

When there's nobody else around and the sounds of the coyotes and quail grow tiresome, music helps. I've created a pretty eclectic playlist on Spotify that great for the trip-I suggest playing it on shuffle just so it mixes up artist/style.

Listen to it here.

I check our Yeti cooler on every major road trip we do. Most of the time I end up packing granola, peanut butter, and rice krispies in it so I know we have snacks ready upon touch down. It cuts costs, keeps you from buying garbage in gas stations, and ensures you have fresh healthy food which is critical when you're on the road for a long time. My snack of choice? Celery and peanut butter. It's healthy, low calorie, and filling. I also pick up a bag of different fruits that don't need a lot of work to eat-things like oranges, bananas and apples. I packed all of the above on this solo road trip but there's more to a good road trip than snacks...

These are some of my favorite meals I've had while on recent road trips. I think it's important to try local foods and eat an actual meal at least every couple of days. I eat red meat probably three times a year and it has to be worth it-I've got to say, the beef in a smoked bernaise sauce from El Tovar on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is probably the best meal I've ever had in.my.life. In terms of awesome local foods however, the salted cod burger on the purple bun was absolutely incredible and was from a restaurant in Stykkisholmur, Iceland. If you're in a country that is known for their fish-eat the fish! If you're in New Mexico, you get the blue corn enchiladas (usually served open faced) with Hatch green chili sauce (Hatch is a city in Southern New Mexico where they're grown). 

After a long day in the car, or in my case sixteen days, you've GOT to stretch. Your back is jacked up, your shoulders tense-you're not meant to sit that long in such a small confined space. I usually do some stretches on the side of the road a few times a day, lay flat as much as I can, and travel with a tennis ball that you can put in any knots that develop. 

What are the things that save you on long trips?

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