The Trip.

As many of you have been seeing on my Instagram feed, I'm living life. In the American Southwest. Alone. For three weeks, when it's all said and done.

I've gotten two different responses about this whole thing:

  1. Your husband let you do that/Charley's ok with that/OMG aren't you scared?
  2. OMG THAT'S AWESOME/I wish I could do that!

My response to the first remarks: I don't ask Charley for permission for anything nor does he ask me for permission. We have discussions about what is financially feasible and generally what the other person's thoughts are on trips/purchases/life. We don't limit each other. We both work. We don't set boundaries for each other. Marriage isn't a death sentence-it's a choice. A choice that should allow you to be able to grow as an individual as well as a couple of folks who decided to do this whole thing together.

As for being scared? Have you met me? I'm pretty sure Michael Meyers would throw the knife and run screaming from me, let's be real. The level of cray that's dormant here...unfathomable. I can handle myself, and when I can't-I run to Vegas and stay at a nice hotel...more on that later if you haven't been following on Instagram...But yes. Sometime's it's scary. However, listening to Come on Eileen makes any scary situation less serious-promise.

The other response, #2, is what I've gotten more often than not. It's sad really when you think about it. Most people, like pretty much everyone, would love the opportunity to have two weeks to just live their life with fewer or no obligations to anybody but themselves. Up until last week I was one of them. I have been so busy chasing grades, grad school acceptance letters, career moves-you name it, for the past 15 years, that I had forgotten to REALLY make time for what makes me whole and fulfilled. I didn't book the rental car for this trip until the night before I left. I booked a one way ticket. I had no destination in mind when I started and honestly, I don't know where I'll be in seven days. That being said, I knew I wanted things out of this trip.

I wanted the opportunity to spend more time outside than in.

I wanted to see a part of the country I've dreamed about for years and never seen.

I wanted to see and experience cultures and history I'd only ever read about.

I wanted time to be absorbed in my thoughts.

I wanted to remember what is actually important.

I wanted to scream into the abyss.

I wanted to be amazed.

I wanted to learn to let go.

I wanted to slow down.

I wanted to find joy.

I wanted to devour my life.

If there's something you really want to do-DO IT and don't let anything get in your way. Save the money. Make the time. Book the flight.

I have told people for 10+ years that my dream was to drape myself in turquoise and Pendleton and live in the Southwest and let my hair go grey like Georgia O'keefe and frolic in the desert. Problem? I'd never really been to the Southwest.

Most people put trips like this off year after year saying, 'oh maybe when I retire' or 'maybe when my spouse/partner could come.' Guess what-someday doesn't just happen. Someday is the worst word on the planet because it's this annoying, optimistic, misty-eyed garbage synonym for never. Luckily, I found myself with some time and some cash and a partner who reminded me that money will come and go, but I might never have this time again. So here I am, in Phoenix, on my best friend's mom's couch and happy as a clam. Missing my home team. But happy. Happier than I've ever been. Because I'm living the dream-my dream-every single minute of the day, before my hair is grey. I finally devoured my life and I'm doing it before it's too late.

I'm going to be sharing things I've learned along the way. Hopefully you'll find them to be insightful, sometimes funny, sometimes horrifying. Stay tuned. And for everybody who reads this and finds this blog to be a comforting or useful thing in their life, thank you.

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