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As someone who wears tights, sweaters and boots most days at this time of year, it's probably not something you'd have known about me that I love seeing others' unique style. I read Andrea Linett's book I Want To Be Her a few years ago and loved it, so when I saw her new book, The Cool Factor, I wanted to see what she had come up with this time.

The first book explores how her own style developed based on the street style she saw and admired in others. The book itself is composed of various profiles of women she'd met or seen on the streets over the years and the elements of their individual style that stood out to her and offered inspiration. It made me think about what my style says about me. Charley once told me that my style could be defined as "sex in a sweater,"-whatever that means. I do love sweaters and boots though so maybe he wasn't entirely off base. It beats the alternative of admitting to my Jimmy Johns aesthetic...sometimes you just have to embrace overalls and a backwards hat. 

Andrea's newer book, The Cool Factor, dives in a bit further and looks at specific elements of style-which pieces really give people that lasting impression. For me, people have remembered a few things about me over the years-my perfume, my brows, and my accessories. I love a unique pair of boots or a chunky Western belt buckle with a black jumpsuit. Accessories are great because often they're an affordable and sustainable way of updating outfits you already own. 

If you or anybody you know, is at all into fashion and style, this would be a great book for them.

How would you define your style? If you could wear one outfit for the rest of your life-what would it be? I'd love to hear your answers-comment below!

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