Bloom-Book Review

On the days that I go into an office, I wake up and shower and get ready. While I'm getting ready, I prop up my phone and turn on different Youtube videos-often those of Estée Lalonde. She's got one channel for beauty/lifestyle content and another for vlogs. I like her vlogs more because they're so casual. I think she's pleasant to listen to.  Ironically, I met her boyfriend, Aslan in Iceland in front of Kirkjufell.

She published this book a few months back and wanting to support her, I did a pre-order on Amazon. I like the aesthetics of the book, the soft/hard cover, the color scheme and fonts but it's not a coffee table book so these things are relatively unimportant. 

I've been reading a lot of autobiographies these days and unfortunately, this one just didn't measure up. She spends a lot of time talking about her childhood and how people were mean to her and how awkward she was. She then goes on to talk about how homesick and depressed she was when she moved from Canada to England to be with Aslan. It was kind of a downer and I was surprised and disappointed. I would have thought she'd have spoken more about her Youtube channel and expanded on the content she covers. I think part of the disappointment that I felt was becausein her videos, she's so positive and confident and upbeat but this book really shows her to be very much the polar opposite of that. I know there are different sides to people but this was like looking at two totally different people.

I've still been watching her videos, but far less often these days. Her content seems to be getting more and more sponsored and she plugs this book as often as she can, it seems. I miss the old Essie Button before the rebrand to Miss Estée Lalonde. Things changed and in my opinion, not for the better. I'd skip this book and go for something else with more...meat. Blame it on getting older, I want to learn something from what I read and this just didn't do the trick for me. Instead, I'd recommend Gloria Steinem's autobiography-review on that coming soon!!!

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