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HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2016 was a big fat piece of trash year for us BUT 2017 is going to be so much better. More blogging, vlogging, and traveling! We just got back from spending New Years down at the beach (30A) and the picture above is of the one hour that it was sunny the whole weekend. That's kind of how it goes with Florida but I'll take rainy over no Florida most days.

I'm heading back to Iceland next week and couldn't be more excited. I finally got around to putting together a video of my first trip to Iceland this summer. Check it out here! I think it turned out pretty well considering I never had any intentions of making a full video. I had just taken clips of a lot of the landscapes because I knew pictures wouldn't do anything justice and as it turns out, I had a clip from almost every region of the country.

The packing process has commenced! The first time we went it was daylight 24/7-this time, it's going to be frigid and mostly dark. I'm so excited to get to see it at both extremes and sending out some major vibes hoping the Northern Lights show up.

I have to say I'm a little weary about the weather. I'm from SOUTH FLORIDA. This is ICELAND. In January. I called LL Bean and they hooked me up with their warmest coat, the Baxter State Parka. It's supposed to keep you warm to -45 deg F. Should do the trick!

As a side note, the women's version came in underwhelming colors and had only two pockets. I sent it back and swapped it for the men's version in charcoal and am 1000% happier-even the faux fur hood looks more plush. Another fail for sexist clothing design but the situation was remedied pretty easily since I'm larger in stature.

I was supposed to be going on my own to scream into the abyss after such a long year but Charley surprised me and is coming too. Probably a good thing since my eyesight is pretty much garbage in the dark. Yay for not crashing into a snow drift! This time around, we're going to see the few parts of the country we didn't get to see, the Snaefellsjokull Peninsula on the west side and also Langjokull Glacier. Day 2 of the trip we're taking a glacier monster truck (yes, it's a thing) into an ice cave...I mean come on. What is cooler than that?! The answer is nothing. We're also going to be heading back down to the southern coast to see the waterfalls frozen over and maybe find an Artic Fox. All in all, not a bad way to spend my birthday week, huh? Follow along on Instagram for pictures uploaded in real-time!

What are your big plans for 2017? Any fun trips? What'd you think of the video?! Let me know, love hearing from y'all!


  1. So jelous you get to go to Iceland again! We missed seeing the northern lights when my husband and I went but I keep telling him that's our excuse to go back one day! If you need any new tips for stuff to see or hotsprings recommendations in south Iceland - read my posts about my recent trip to Iceland. Let me know if there are any spots that I missed in the area, so that when I go back one day I can check it out! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! I am REALLY hoping those glowing wonders show up or else I might end up sobbing like a toddler at the airport on the way home haha! I am always open to recommendations on hotsprings-we're spending most of our time in the Snaefellsjokull area and south side this time if you know of any! There's one spot on the south side of the island that was the most incredible views/hike ever and is where I filmed parts of that video-I'd have to pull the coordinates off my old itinerary I built for a friend if you're ever interested! Love your blog btw, I hadn't seen it before but it looks like I've got some new reading material for tonight!

  2. Great! I would watch your video with great pleasure! Next month I am going to cruise to Arctic I am so excited about it, I can't wait this day when we will go to this wonderful trip!


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