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If you follow me at all on Instagram, you'll know that I've been on the move quite a bit lately. We were in Florida for New Years and just got back from Iceland. Both trips were absolutely incredible and made for a great start to 2017.

I'll be posting tons of content about Iceland-places we went, things we saw, what we ate-soon! I'm going to try and pull together some of the pics from the trip this past summer and any areas that we got to see during both seasons-show the comparison. Neat, right? Iceland is one of those places that a few months makes an insane difference in the landscape. 

We didn't get to see the aurora borealis unfortunately because it snowed and rained almost every night we were there. There was one clear night out of the seven and we stayed up until 2am driving back and forth along the southern coast searching for them (along with everybody else in that part of the country) to no avail. No big deal however because Iceland is Iceland and even when you think you're going to die because Google maps figured that an F road after months of snow was a good idea, you still can't help but feel lucky just to be there.

Outside of the new Iceland content, I'm also going to be catching up on all of the book reviews I've been holding out on. I've read something like 10 or more books in the past two months so there's definitely a lot to share. I think it's going to be fun to show the variety of things I read over the course of a month-probably not what you would have expected. 

 I'm so excited for a new year and being more active in this space. I've got a few things planned that you're not going to have expected AT ALL and also a trip to Washington/Oregon in May coming up. Will there be fly fishing? Maaaaybe. Keep in touch! What are y'all up to?! 

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