In Observation of Food

Hi everybody-more posts coming soon-things have been nuts lately. Good and bad. Had an incident where the Aveda Institute ruined my hair when I just went in to have my roots done so I ended up having to cut it all off and dye it dark. Not thrilled at all but there's definitely more important things in life than my hair.

We hiked Blood Mountain this past weekend. It's the tallest peak in Georgia on the Appalachian Trail and was awesome. It's nowhere near as steep or technical as a lot of the hikes I have done but it's pretty rocky. The wind came and went so I was super glad we packed or wore the right gear. Lou got to test out his new k9sportsack and although he didn't love getting in it because he's an independent little nugget, he did alright once he was in it.

Mom devised a wind shield for him since even in his fleece, he was getting cold just sitting in his pouch. Helluva helluva...yea (Georgia Tech reference)

We're headed to meet our niece for the first time for Thanksgiving down at my in-laws in the panhandle-pretty pumped about it! We're bringing everybody's Christmas presents since I won't get to see everybody next month so all of that is wrapped and ready. Just need to pack for myself tonight!

Before you plow through Thanksgiving or maybe after, watch this video about the food system here in the US. I think being informed is the first step.

Kind of crazy to think about, last Thanksgiving Charley and I spent the day hiking at John Muir Woods and Thanksgiving lunch consisted of hummus on John Muir Beach and dinner in Chinatown in Sanfrancisco. I love the holiday because our plans change every year-we've never had the same Thanksgiving experience twice.

Much love from me and mine to you and yours. Chat soon.

x R

Ps how cute is this. Lou's first hike and Lou's first major hike since his back surgery. Mama gushesssss

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