Caring for Others

Y'all. Fall is here but not when it comes to the weather. Send Mother Nature some good juju so we can get some breeze going! Anywho, next post in the series: caring for others!

I don’t have kids, I have a dog. I have a lot of friends. A husband. A brother. And the rest of the world. There’s a whole lot of people that need a little love out there. There’s a million ways to show people that you care but here are a few of my favorites.


I might not have mentioned this before but it’s my honest opinion that the best way to tell someone you love them is to cook for them. So I cook. A lot. For anybody who walks into my house and that’s quite a lot of people-we keep an open door policy at Mount Pooks. There’s nothing that Belgian waffles, chili, shrimp and grits, or sundried tomato pasta can’t fix. And mimosas. Always mimosas. You come in my house, you’re going to eat. It’s a rule. Hope you wore your stretchy pants. If not, I keep extra sweatsuits in each of the guest rooms,

For those who don’t come to the house, it’s chicken biscuits, doughnuts, and granola bars. I like to surprise my coworkers with breakfast every few months just to help them start their day with a happy little boost. I always keep a bowl of granola bars on my desk because you never know who’s going to get hungry when they’re working late or on a conference call. Hangry coworkers are no good-$20 here and there in snacks doesn’t break the bank for me and everybody walks away a bit happier.


I basically have tourettes when it comes to compliments. Blame my mom-she’s got the disease too-just blurting out nice things at random strangers-who knows. I think it started when I worked in retail. I noticed that it was easier to help people find what they were looking for and open up to you if you took note of what made them tick. Clothing and jewelry choices are a first hint at who that person is. Find something you like about every person you see tomorrow and pick a few to tell!

Sometimes you’ll get a strange look because people aren’t used to accepting compliments but don’t let that stop you! I compliment everybody to the point it’s almost creepy. I’ve rolled down my car window (more than once) to compliment someone’s shorts, dress, or haircut. The chick at the drive thru who has to wear a uniform? GIRL. I like your nails. COMPLIMENTS. FOR. EVERYBODY.

I might look crazy but the person on the receiving end probably spent the rest of the day feeling legit as hell. I try to stay away from generic bullshit compliments like ‘oh you’re so pretty’ or ‘oh you look so thin’ because guess what-being pretty is a matter of opinion and is attributed to their genes. Compliment people on something they tried on-shoes, hair, choice of crazy patterned pants!


You may or may not have read the love languages book. If you want to, cool. If not, google them. Once you’ve done that, you should know I’m a gift giver. It’s become second nature at this point-once again, blame my mom. Basically, I recognize when people need a little something special, a nod their way, and I make it happen. For instance, Charley is big on comfort food. When he texts me from work that he’s having a rough day, it’s chicken pot pie for dinner. When he’s been having a long week, it’s snickerdoodles baked fresh. My friend Timara was coming back late from a trip and is notorious for just not eating if she didn’t go to the grocery on Sunday so I went ahead and picked up a few things at the store for her and had it ready for her when she got home. These little things aren’t that difficult but they definitely make people feel loved and cared for.

What are some of the things you do for others?

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