Want vs. Need

I've spent a lot of time lately reading more about minimalist living. I think there's something to be said for people who can live more with less. These are the people who really understand the meaning of devouring life. I have friends that have gypsied their way to Nicaragua and become surf instructors with one suitcase (the rest of their stuff I stole and hid in storage under my stairs knowing they'd come back eventually and need a sweater). Others are sailing around the world with a few belongings and a lot of books. And then there's me.

I have a house and a car and most would say, too much stuff. Admittedly, walking into my house is a lot like walking into Anthropologie-always something to look at, always a chair to curl up in, a book to read, and a blanket in which to wrap yourself. Lou doesn't seem to mind...

I am a collector of things and a lover of cozy spaces. For the past several years, traveling has offered me the opportunity to bring things back with me, things to give my place all the feels of the cities and villages I've devoured. I'd say that one of my favorite things about my house is the eclectic nature of it and that, I do not want to change. 

I've decided that the biggest difference for me will come from distinguishing like from love and want from need. I will continue to travel and buy things to remind me of my trips but instead of buying another sweat shirt or mug, keychain or post card, I'll opt for only one piece of jewelry, a wall hanging or a purse-items that I can use or look at daily and get far more joy from than a sweatshirt (even though I do love my sweatshirt from John Muir woods). We have become so accustomed to liking everything that we've forgotten about love. So, my new goal: only buy things you LOVE.

Another big change I'm going to try and embrace is distinguishing between want and need. It seems like a pretty easy thing to distinguish, right? We NEED food, water, shelter, and sex. Beyond that, it's all relative, right? That being said, I'm sure you have bought something on sale because you liked it just fine and it was cheap but did you really need it? Probably not. I have an entire closet full of clothes that I like, but don't love, that I bought on sale or because I thought I would "need" them for a certain occasion whether it was for work or a wedding. It's extremely important to be realistic when you're shopping. Do you really need a gown? Do you ever wear pink? Do you live in the arctic and need that parka? Do you even like dress pants or blazers? If not, why buy it? It's going to take up valuable space in your closet and life. Not to mention, by spending cash on that, however little it may be, it's taking away from an experience which are far more important at the end of the day. Friends, adventures and memories are worth so much more. 

Culling the herd:

Let the culling begin! First step, make the pile. Toss into the pile anything you haven't used, worn, or loved in the past year and a half. The year and a half rule means that you've been through at least one season without using it. This can be used for every room in your house-pots and pans, blankets, canned goods, cosmetics, and medicines. Boom! Your garbage herd just got smaller.

Step two, give away anything my friends might want. One woman's white linen blazer is another woman's treasure. Chances are, your friends could use some things and have been holding out. Be generous, share your loot. 

Step 3, sell the rest to a consignment or vintage store. You may as well have some form of payout for all your hard work. Some people sell on ebay or Poshmark but let's be real-I don't have a ton of time for that. I'm sticking with the standalone stores.

Almost last, step 4: when it's all said and done, the rest gets donated. My goodies will be going to the Drake House here in Atlanta which helps get women and children from abusive relationships back on their feet. They run a consignment shop up in Alpharetta and all proceeds go towards their cause.


This is me trying to become a minimalist. Woo-sah. I can do this. If you have any other tips or tricks, leave them in the comments below!!! THANKS, love and life devour.

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