Sense of Place: National Parks Funding

As some of you may know, my background is in Urban Planning. One of the most important concepts of planning and urban design is creating a sense of place-the look and feel that makes you recognize one place from another. For instance, the deserts of Arizona looks dramatically different than New York City. Every time I travel, I make a conscious effort to notice what makes that place unique-what makes me like it or hate it. I run every time I travel if it's safe enough and usually at about 4am. It gives me the chance to see places as they really are before people have the chance to distort that. And although cities are nice and unique, some of my favorite places are the national parks in this country. Some of my favorite places include the Everglades, the Grand Canyon, Big Sur, Acadia, Blue Ridge Parkway, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Olympic National Parks.

I think this is a really cool thing that NatGeo is doing and I also really like that you get to see what the money is going towards and pictures of the parks. I am now DYING to go to Joshua Tree and Zion. Where do you want to go?!

National Geographic is currently hosting a vote that allows people like me and you to vote on which national parks will get a total of $2 million in funding. In case you didn't know, national parks are dramatically underfunded and need all the help they can get so please go to this website vote EVERY DAY until July 5th for your top 5 favorite projects. Make sure you click on each point on the map and see what the funding is going towards and then make sure you click "submit votes." You have 5 votes for every 24 hr period. Not to be biased but my first job was in the Everglades so definitely consider giving Everglades National some love. As always, thanks. Love. Life Devour.

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