Trip Planning Hack

When planning for a trip, I always do a couple of things:
  • pick the dates when I'm planning on going
  • check the weather for that time of year (rainy or super cold seasons mean things could be shut down)
  • monitor flight prices for a few months (I use Expedia even though they had me booked on a cancelled flight from Peru and I had to eat souls to fix the issue)
  • create an itinerary
  • create a packing list
The last two are the ones are the long term commitments. I update them constantly as I read more blogs and travel books leading up to the trip. I store all of my trip-planning documents in Google Docs. It makes it easy to maintain everything in one spot (pictures, links, blog posts, safety tips, lists of vaccinations you need, etc) and allows you to pull up your itinerary when you're on the road-I recommend the Google Docs app. 

If you're traveling with friends, using Google Docs makes it easy for everyone to see what you're planning, track expenses (I highlight unpaid expenses in red), add places they want to visit and make comments about things they are or aren't interested in. 

Consider using Google Docs for your next trip! Share any trip planning tips and travel hacks with us!

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