Free Surf Lessons and Lodging?!

I was just stalking one of my bffl's place of employment, Sun Bum, and I found out some SWEET info I just HAD to share. They're a sunscreen company based out of Cocoa Beach, FL (Kelly lives and works in San Diego however) and make the best smelling sunscreen, lip balm, etc. I have used their After Sun gel for years and obviously sunscreen. Having grown up in South Florida and had 5+ cancer patches cut out of me, if I can't cover it, I coat it!

Apparently, if you book in advance, you can sleep on their couch in Cocoa Beach (for free!) and they'll give you free surf lessons! They consider complimentary surf lessons as part of their customer service. Insane right? Check out some other interesting facts about them here!

Get outside and get some sun!

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