International Travel Tips and Tricks

As we're throwing the last things in our bags for Iceland, I wanted to  share some things I've learned along the way. 

  • GET INTERNATIONAL CAR INSURANCE! Most US car insurance companies don't cover what you do to your rental car if it's outside the US (with the exclusion of 50 miles into Mexico or Canada)  
  • MAKE SURE YOU PUT INTERNATIONAL CHARGES ON YOUR FEE-LESS CARD. I got a Capital One card a while ago so that I wouldn't get popped 3% for every purchase in Iceland. However, I forgot to put international bookings in advance on it and have racked up some fees here and there over the past year. #Whattadummy. Don't be like me.
  • GET INTERNATIONAL CELL SERVICE. We have Verizon so for $10 (only if you use it), you have the option to have same plan settings as here in the US. (For me that's unlimited talk/txt/ and 10GB of shared data with the fam). There's nothing worse than needing to call your bank to report that your debit card got eaten by an ATM machine in Cusco (yes, it happened day 1 to Charley). 
  • PACK A POWER STRIP. I only bought one converter with three outlets on it. I also brought a power strip so I don't spend my night having to juggle cords and figure out which one of my devices needs the most juice love.
  • SKIP TOILETRIES on long trips. There are four of us going Iceland and staying in the same rooms/house so I'm planning on picking up shampoo, conditioner and body wash when we get there. Saves room in our bags and prevents the worry of potential spillage.
  • BRING YOUR INSURANCE CARDS. Even if you don't get international healthcare coverage-bring the cards. It might be helpful if the doctors abroad need access to your medical records.
  • BRING YOUR OWN LADY PRODUCTS. There's nothing worse than getting that monthly visit on a trip and your only option is a ruining your clothes and being embarrassed or a twig wrapped in local textiles...
  • BRING A COMPRESSION SACK. It can be used for keeping your dirties away from your clean clothes and also keeping everything condensed and organized on your trip.
  • PACK SNACKS. If your'e going to be gone a while or going to a country where you don't necessarily eat a ton of their local cuisine (I don't eat most meats), then pack snacks! We're checking our Yeti cooler because we're spending two weeks in a van and cooking most nights so we stuffed it with trail mix, nature valley bars, mac n cheese, soup mixes, and I even shoved a pot and spoontula in there. I like having my own stuff to cook sometimes. Any creamy foods like peanut butter have to be in your checked bag (think of it as a liquid). I bring peanut butter when I can because it's not found in most other countries. If you find it, it's usually super expensive.

  • PRINT YOUR TICKETS AND CONFIRMATIONS. We've had situations where we almost weren't allowed entrance to Versaille because a screenshot didn't cut it when it came ticket time. Thanks be to dog for reading the small print the night before because we managed to print our tickets at the hotel and double luck because someone stole my phone in the Metro. Granted, I chased him down and wrestled him to the floor for it back, but that's another story. I don't suggest doing that-apparently people have been stabbed in the past for fighting back for their stuff, but RayRay don't play.
  • TAKE PICTURES or COPIES of your passport, hotel business cards, and any other important documentation. If they're on your phone, password lock that album and your phone in  general in the case of theft. For copies, carry them in a safe spot and leave your real passport in the hotel safe when you can. Check with some museums and sites-they require your actual passport for entrance...ahem Versaille ahem...
Hope you enjoy following along on Instagram and potentially here on the blog while we're in Iceland! 

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