Chi-Town Catch Up

As I was packing for Iceland, I realized I hadn't posted the pictures from my work trip to Chicago-enjoy!

I was staying outside of the city near my company's plant but I got to spend at least some time in the city itself. I got in around 1pm and headed into town in my Fiat 500. Traffic was horrific and it took nearly 2 hours! I got lost because GPS cuts out in the tunnels under the city but a kid on the side of the road gave me directions-everybody else just honked and yelled because using your phone in Chicago when driving is apparently illegal...cute. Anywho, I parked (for $30) in the public garage beneath Millenium Park and went to see THE Bean and go to the Art Institute of Chicago across the street.

They were hosting a Van Gogh "The Bedroom" exhibit. Did you know he actually painted 3 versions of his famous bedroom scene? Me either. The first was apparently water damaged in the house where it hung, the next a replacement, and the third, a gift for his mother.

The other exhibits were excellent too-some amazing works from John Singer Sargent, Mary Cassatt, and Grant Wood. The textiles and jewelry were pretty great too.

I then walked around for hours looking at the lake, the Buckingham Fountain (named after the family that donated it to the city), the Willis Tower, the river, and the Rookery Building. I was so exhausted by the time I was getting back to the car I decided to forego dinner in the city and crawl up with Chipotle in bed at the hotel. Guac is always a good choice.


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    1. I'm glad you enjoy it :) Great to know folks are reading it and love knowing which posts people really like-thanks for the comment!


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