Danse Macabre

As many of you know, I'm pretty dark. I love skeletons and ravens and wind howling in the night. There's something wonderful and eerie about things unknown.

One of my favorite classic musical pieces is Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens. The song is supposed to be about the dead coming back to life for one night to dance on their tombstones. Obviously, the night in question is what most of us think of as Halloween. But what if it wasn't...what if the dead just came back for a night. Any night. Would you dance? Would you watch? This song is played in Disney World's Haunted Mansion ride. After listening to it, can you understand why? Can you imagine how creepy and wonderful it would be for this to happen?  Here is another version just on piano. It's an incredible thing to watch. And if you want to show your kids, click here.

I took a classical music class when I was at FSU, taught by the famous Dr. Tommie Wright. You may or may not know that he wrote the original fight song for FSU and his profile WAS the face of the Florida State Seminole until the school decided to "change their branding." I haven't bought a single thing with the new chief on it. Tommie Wright will always be the Seminole to me. He played this piece, along with many others, in his class. I knew this piece long before him and will continue to listen to it for years to come. Hopefully you enjoyed it as well.

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