Time for a Talk

You all know I am an inconsistent blogger. I write about random stuff, typically because someone's expressed an interest in a certain topic, sometimes because it's something in which I'm interested. For some reason, y'all keep coming back and reading and for that, thank you.

Clyde Butcher is my favorite artist. More specifically, he's a photographer. I grew up fifteen minutes from the Everglades nearly my entire life and have loved them for as long as I can remember. Clyde is the only person to capture the Everglades as they really are and the rest of the world, as it should be. His studio is in Ochopee, FL, almost halfway between Miami and Naples, in the middle of Big Cypress National Preserve. I went to his studio for the first time when I was 15. I had my parents drive me one weekend when I found out he was opening the studio for an exhibition for his photos from Cuba. He lives behind the studio in another house on stilts...gators lurking underneath everything and mosquitoes swarming.

He used to do color photography but when his son died unexpectedly, he burned almost all of his colored works and said he'd never do anything again that he didn't absolutely love. I own two of his colored photos. They're probably my most prized possessions and have recently done a pretty solid job reminding me to get back to living the way I'd intended to when I was 15-messy hair, good books, and hearty food.

I shut down the blog a few weeks ago because life got to be too much of everything that wasn't all that devourable. When I started this whole thing, I wanted to write about travel, gear, food, books/writing, and ideas. It quickly turned into something else, something for which I no longer wanted to be responsible. I had companies reach out to me to do product reviews, others asked me to write about how I got to where I am professionally. The requests just kept coming.

In reality, most bloggers would think, "Oooh this could lead to the big break! This could mean money!" For me, it made me want to put on my hiking boots, grab Louis and head west in an old van and never look back. I don't do this for the money. I have a 8-6 job that does an excellent job paying the bills. This blog, is for me and for you, devourer. I started this blog to expand on topics I found interesting, in hopes others would be inspired to do the same. So here we are.

I believe in declarations. Good strong ones. So here is mine: going forward, this blog, and life in general, will be as I had intended when I wasn't such a freaking grow up. I will do better. I will be better.

And since you've read this far, you may as well know what I was doing while I was on hiatus...

I have stopped saying 'yes' to everything. I have stepped down from all board positions and committees. I started a new job. I've been cooking. I've started running again. I'm focusing on getting Louis walking/hiking again. I've been reading, for book club and otherwise. I've been finishing booking the last of Iceland. I've let my hair be messy.

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