Bone in the Throat-Book Review

I downloaded Bone in the Throat by Anthony Bourdain a few months ago on my iPad when it was on a super sale in the iBooks store for $2.99. I held it for book club because I thought it would be a solid read for all of us (since we all love great food and good reading). I can say that the writing wasn't what I expected from Anthony Bourdain but was not all that shocking either. It's written exactly how you would expect a bunch of New York gangsters to talk, think, and even cook. The book is a murder mystery that takes place in New York when a body washes up, linking together several different justice departments. There are chapters that are heavy on the food and others that are heavy on organized crime but they all fit together to form a pretty quick read. If you've never read any Bourdain that's not necessarily cuisine-related, I'd give this a shot.

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