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Last night I was walking back to my car from my monthly Conservancy meeting and started thinking about how much I miss walking in the city. Charley and I both lived in the city before we were married and walked to restaurants, movies, the was great. Now that we moved out to Vinings, we still walk, but there's just not really a destination and there's not a lot of people to watch. There's just more to see and do when you walk around the city.

When you live in an urban area, you typically live in a smaller place, a condo or an apartment so you're more motivated to get outside if you want to spread out. We used to get stir crazy and just walk to the park or just go around the block. Now, we live in a ~3k sq. ft home so when we get stir crazy, we just go to another room or sit on the porch. As much as we love entertaining and always have the house full of friends, we miss certain aspects of urban life.

Here's the link for my Pinterest board on tiny houses! Which is your favorite?!

We always talk about wanting to build a tiny house on a trailer that we could use as a vacation home or a temporary (or permanent home) if we ever moved. Some things that we've considered along the way when discussing a tiny house move are points that you might want to consider too when moving to a smaller space:

Smaller homes/condos/apartments necessitate that you get out of your place if you need space. Whether you have a porch or a park nearby, you're going to love being able to escape your four walls and spread out.

Once you leave your home, you're going to be forced to interact and mingle with others. You'll often run into other people while you're checking your mail, walking your dog, or grabbing coffee. Smaller homes = bigger groups of potential friends!

Getting out and about leads to a healthier lifestyle! Sure, you could get in your car and drive somewhere but it's so much easier (especially in cities) to ditch the car and paid parking for a bike, board, or your own two feet. Sunshine and fresh air do everyone a bit of good.
Less hoarding is a good thing. Too often we find ourselves holding onto jeans that no longer fit, magazines we'll never read again and for what?! Get rid of it! Moving to a small space means keeping the essentials. I feel like at this point in my life I much prefer quality items to quantity.
No more weekends cleaning the house! Our house is so large that before and after parties we spend entire days vacuuming, mopping, doing laundry-it's absurd. Smaller spaces are a lot easier to clean in a pinch and leave you more time to do fun stuff!
Type A heaven. Smaller spaces need to have some form of organization so that your place doesn't look like a tornado blew through.
Overall, living in a smaller space in more densely populated area is also more sustainable. These areas typically offer lots of job opportunities within a shorter distance from your home which means less time in the car and less pollution! It also means that you personally are not eating up a bigger footprint than necessary. I know I'm a hypocrite on this one as Charley and I live in a bigger house BUT we live on 4 acres on the river and it's nationally protected. Not ready to give that up any time soon but wanted to make each of you aware of the benefits of living small, full lives!

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