How to Get Your Name Changed on Your Passport After Getting Married

I got married nearly three years ago and have gone international on my old passport the same number of times. I booked our upcoming trip to Iceland under my married name not thinking about it and realized that now I finally have to update that one final piece of documentation. After spending a few hours on website and calling the U.S. Passport hotline, I figured I'd share all of the useful information I found.

First step, get together your existing passport and your marriage certificate.

If your passport has not been damaged, had any holds on it, or been reported as lost or stolen, you're able to print out an application form and mail it in along with a few other items.

After filling out the DS-82 form (in black ink only), you must staple a passport photo to the form. I got mine taken at Rite Aid for about $10 and got two of them. As a heads up, they make you put your hair behind your ears and not smile so good luck looking pretty-I look like a serial killer.

When your form is complete, mail it along with your photo, a check (for processing and shipping), your old passport, and your original (or notarized copy) marriage certificate to the PO Box listed on the first page of the form. Post offices (and UPS stores) can ship to PO Boxes so make sure you go to one of those to mail it.

Fees can differ so check what the amount needs to be using the calculator on this website. I did not pay for expedited shipping since I don't need it until May so mine was $110. Make sure if you have any questions you call the helpline: 1-877-487-2778 (8am-10pm M-F EST).

Hope this helps make things a bit easier!

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