Halloween Weekend

I hope everybody had a wonderful Halloween weekend-LOVE when it falls on a Saturday. Every year I usually post up on the couch or even blow up an air mattress and picnic in the living room watching horror movies on marathon. This year, Pooks thought it'd be fun to spend the day hiking instead. We first went to Suwanee Mountain but found out there's a fine of up to $200 if you bring your dog to hike-DUMB but not worth it. We left and went up to Woody Gap trail on the Appalachian Trail in Dahlonegha. We hiked to Preacher's Rock and saw the most amazing view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Not too strenuous of a hike (only a few miles up and back) and not too long (40 minutes each way) although you can hike all the way to Blood Mountain and back (18 miles).

We got back late but it didn't stop us from dressing up for the kids. I couldn't stand being a witch again so in a pinch, I opted to be a doe, a deer, a female deer. Not bad for 10 minutes right?! Apparently I'm a doe that likes to rave with glowsticks. How was y'alls weekend?!

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