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Hey y'all! Hope your week has been going well, mine has been absolutely nuts but that's just how it is sometimes, right?

A company called, Be The Silver Lining started following my Instagram recently. I immediately liked the name so I took a look at who they were and what they did. It turns out, they're a t.shirt company whose goal is to inspire and motivate people to be the silver lining for every person we meet. I loved their logo and the font on their t.shirts and commented that I loved the idea and that I wanted one. As someone who doesn't receive any financial benefit of running this blog other than fund raising for other people, I wasn't expecting to get anything out of one little comment about how much I loved their brand. I got a direct message asking my size and address and that they'd send me a shirt for free, no strings attached, just because I liked them. How nice is that?! I was so impressed by a brand that stands behind the idea and motto that they put out there, I wanted to share it with y'all. I ended up receiving the shirt on a day that I'd been super stressed and busy and honestly, I felt so much better putting it on. I wore it to the grocery store and caught some people reading it and smiling. I love it when you can make someone feel a little bit lighter without really trying.

As for the t.shirts, they're super soft and comfortable and the print is great quality, none of that vinyl junk that would crack over time. I got a women's XL and as somebody who has some pretty big "ladies" it's snug, but it fits. If you like your clothes baggy, maybe go for one of the mens. The company makes shirts with other messages as well and necklaces with what looks like wooden rings on them. Charley's wedding band is Sonoran Ironwood (oldest living species of wood on Earth supposedly) so I have a certain fondness for these too. Currently, they're running a promotion that you get a free t.shirt if you purchase one of the necklaces with a ring on it. Check them out, they ship worldwide! You can also follow them on Instagram @BeTheSilverLining. I love checking their IG any time I need a little pick me up-such great motivational messages and their branding is killer. Now they just need to make Frenchie tees...Lou baby is jeally.

What do you do to be the silver lining for people in your life? I want to get your thoughts!!!

Thanks, love, Life Devoured XO

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