^the awesome shower in a renovated bungalow I stayed in inTallahassee! 

As you may have noticed, Charley, Louis and I are road warriors. Every time we can fit a trip into our schedules, we pack up the car and the cooler (or book a flight) and roll out. One of our favorite things on the planet these days is Airbnb! If you're not familiar with it, it's a website/app that allows you to rent anything from a night on someone's couch, to a room in their house, to an entire condo. Most of the time, Airbnb rentals are much cheaper than hotels and usually way nicer than hostels. I've stayed in a few so far and have had the most amazing hosts. I've rented rooms in people's houses thus far but  Charley's and my trip to SanFrancisco in November is going to be based entirely around different Airbnbs, some of which are whole condos (in Yosemite for only $100 a night)! Aside from having a lot more character than a room at the Westin and allowing you to meet cool locals who can point you to fun spots, most places we're renting in SF and along the route we're taking through Cali, have a kitchen. Having access to a refrigerator, stove, microwave, etc. has the potential to save you a ton of money on eating out, not to mention we get really sick of eating out every meal when we travel. If you haven't traveled using Airbnb, I definitely recommend it-make sure you look at the reviews (they're super helpful), pictures, and know that they charge your card up front. Happy trails! 

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