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I know I've been a complete slacker about posting things I'm reading but that doesn't mean I haven't been reading. I finished two books about a week ago and started in on this one. I'll review the others soon (they were really enjoyable and by one of my favorite authors who I've been reading since I was probably 13). 

For now, I'm entirely consumed by work and everything Peru. We finally finished saving for the trip

and got our daypacks sorted out (I got the purple one on the left, post about it soon)

and now I'm down to some final prep reading this:

So far, it's a great book. It's a mix between a historic account of Hiram Bingham's discovery of Macchu Picchu and a contemporary story of the author's trip, following in Bingham's foot steps along the Inca Trail. I've found it to be extremely informative without being boring (some books recounting epic adventures of the past can still be boring when it's fact after fact). I also really like how candid the author is about the fact that he had never really ever camped before-shocking in that he was an editor for a travel magazine. Throughout the book he talks about the problems he had along the way-his feet for example-because he didn't wear the proper socks, and his stomach issues because he contracted giardia (intestinal parasite that's contagious usually from drinking contaminated water). Between this, guidebooks, and several dozen blogs about Peru, the Inca Trail, and Macchu Picchu, I feel like this trip is going to be amazing! Minus the cuy... (roasted guinea pig-a traditional dish in Peru)...

If you read it, let me know what you think. If you've already read it-what did you you think? Any other books y'all would recommend? 

Thanks, love, and life devoured.

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