Smither's Smokey Bayou Shrimp And Grits

I’m just going to start out by saying this is the most addictive meal you’ll ever make. Smoke gouda and shrimp what?! I named it Smither’s Shrimp and Grits after one of my favorite musicians, Chris Smither. If you’ve never heard of him, you’re missing out. He grew up in Nawlin’s and is one of the most soulful musicians I’ve ever heard. LOVE this man. Here’s a link to one of my favorite songs of his so you can listen while you cook:

What you need:
1 bag of grits (I like the yellow kind)
1 pint of heavy cream
1/2 brick of smoked gouda (grated) (Trader Joe’s usually has great stuff and for much cheaper than other brands)
1 bag of cooked frozen shrimp with tails off (thawed) (I get a bag from Costco for pretty cheap)
1 large zucchini or 2 smaller ones (diced)
1 red onion (string sliced)
1 stick of salted butter (I use Land O’ Lakes)
1 tspn dried Oregano

What you do:
Cook the grits following the instructions on the bag. Make sure you stir so you’re not wasting a bunch getting stuck to the bottom of the pot. When almost done, stir in the grated smoked gouda until completely melted. When they’re done, take them off the burner but keep them covered. Pour in a splash of heavy cream and mix to keep creamy. Feel free to use more or less cream to get that consistency. Make sure you do this first, cooking them both at the same time (sauce and grits) and not messing up either

For the saucy delisciousness, put 2 tablespoons of butter and the oregano in a large, wide-bottom sauce pan. Throw in the zucchini first since it’s the thickest and will take the longest to cook. Follow it with the shrimp and onions. The shrimp you’re just trying to heat all the way through. The zucchini is done when it turns bright green whereas the onion will be translucent. Spoon this mixture of vegetables and shrimp onto a serving of grits. I like to serve in wide-brimmed, shallow white bowls. 


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