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Hi y'all! Happy Monday! Sorry it's been a few days since my last post. I've been working on a lot of DIY projects, finishing up the book box and making wreaths, specifically. Charley and I have Peru coming up in May and have been hiking every weekend to get in shape for it. I've been somewhat stir crazy lately, dreaming of warm summer nights and hanging out with Charley after tax season. I decided that he and I needed another little trip this summer, just the two of us. We have several trips and wedding this spring and summer and thought it would be nice to finish out the summer with a road trip. We're headed to Louisville y'all and Nashville on the way back! We've book Airbnbs for both and are beyond excited to meet our hosts. The one we found for Louisville belongs to a couple I follow on Instagram. I just love how small the world can become with Insta. The photos belong are from @todaysletters airbnb that we're staying in. How cute and cozy is this?! Even though Charley and I penny pinching the next few months to be able to afford all these trips, sometimes you've just GOT to book it. If you've been dying to get out and see something, book the trip. Make it happen. Don't live another year wishing you had. Talk to you later this week, y'all. 

Thanks, love, and life devoured

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