Gratitude for the Small Things

I recently read something that stated that we spend approximately 4 years of our lives discussing the weather. This might sound lame, but I love talking about the weather. Woo hoo for 4 years of mundane weather chat! I love dreary, rainy days. I love snow storms. I have never seen a tornado up close but I think that would be pretty cool, too.

Atlanta is home of the Braves, Varsity, and a lot of smog and pollution. Cloudless, sunny, blue days are rare. I grew up in South Florida where the sun is always shining and it only rains for an hour on Spring and Summer afternoons. I miss it. I miss the sound of cicadas early in the morning and the smell of rain in the Everglades. If I could bottle it and wear it around my neck I would. Just because that is my favorite place in the world, doesn't make where I am now any less enjoyable.

This post is a reminder that you can make the most even mundane things enjoyable if you try. I took this picture a few weeks ago on a rare warm February day when I was walking with my friend, Tagg, to lunch. We parked a million blocks away so we didn't have to pay for parking in Midtown and had such a great time. 

The building to my left is where my best friend, Rich, used to live before he moved to Arizona and I sent this pic to him, as well. Do that every so often, send your friends a little something to remind them that you do miss/love them and let them know you're not that far away even when you are a dozen states apart. People appreciate it more than you know. 

This is what happy looks like. Enjoy the walk from your car. Enjoy the sunshine on your face (since that's rare in ATL), and feel blessed that you get to wake up to another day of hearing birds outside your window and crickets in your yard. Happiest of Hump Days y'all.

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