DIY Clay Bead Necklaces

This DIY is too easy not to do! Makes for a fun weekend project and a great gift for your friends (and in my case, their kids)! These clays are non-toxic and therefore ok for kids to chew and slobber on! Great for mommy/baby necklaces! 

Before you begin: 
If you have light colors of clay, roll those beads first, the clay will stain your hands and you don't want to get the colors mixed on the different clays.
If your clay is too hard to comfortably roll, use a hair dryer to soften them up!
What you'll need:
3 packs of oven-bakeable clay (any brand will do but I really like Sculpey)
1 pack of leather string (approx. 12 yards)
1 roll of parchment paper
1 cookie sheet

What you do: 
For smaller beads, pinch off 1/4 or 1/8 of the brick of dough. Roll in between palms until it form a ball or cylinder-whichever shape you like.
Take a wooden skewer, flat end, not sharp end, and push through the solid bead, while it's sitting on the parchment paper. Lift the bead and make sure the hole is smooth. 
Bake at 275 deg F for 15 minutes for every quarter inch of thickness. If you have thicker and thinner beads on the same tray, don't worry, it won't damage the smaller ones to leave them in the oven longer. 
Once you remove them, let them cool, string them in any way or pattern you like.  

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