Out and About in the Carolinas

This blog started out as a way for me to share things I'd learned, talk about places I'd been, and act as some place for folks of similar interests to come together and learn from one another. The name Life Devoured came about when I was not very happy in what I was doing from day to day and I realized I was not devouring my own life-I was pushing it around on my plate looking at it morph into less and less attractive mush. Over the past several months, I have changed a lot about my life, mostly work-related stuff and am MUCH happier. Sorry I've been missing but I know that as fellow Life Devourers, you understand that sometimes, you just have to disconnect and go live the beautiful life with which you were blessed. I'm so glad to be back and very excited to catch up. Here's what me, Charley, and Louis have been up to the past few months. Love y'all and welcome back.

^ Making wreaths for the Halloween party we had

^ An priming/painting chairs that some neighbors donated to us

^ Country red to go with the book box I'm (still) working on

^ Women of the world-get the saw with the laser on it. Promise it's worth the $10 extra

^ And decorating the house

^ Being a wicked witch

^ But still hanging out with those good witches

^ Letting Louis drag us on a road trip to the mountains in NC

^ To stay in the cutest cabin at the Orchard Inn (nicest owners and best food ever)

^ Where we went for a sunrise hike with one of the owners and his boxer, Murray, who Louis loves

^ And sat by a lot of fires

^ And read

^ And took Louis to see Greenville and the river 

^ And rub the warthog for good luck

^ And see the tree that looks like one from Lord of the Rings

^ And see the very beginning of the Blue Ridge Parkway (where we got engaged 2 years ago)

^ And we saw a lot of scenic overlooks

^ When we got back we went to the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain and bought all sorts of goodies-some of my favorites from my aunt.

^ Down in Florida, yet another trip, we went on golf cart rides to the beach with Lou baby

^ Where Louis realized he doesn't know how to swim...by chasing seagulls into the wade pools and panicking until I stripped off my coat and boots to dive in and save him. Not cool, Lou-cifer.

^ Been doing too many late night Christmas crafting projects...and  getting too many hot glue burns. DIY posts coming soon!

^ Getting our Christmas photos taken by my bffl, Jaime. So talented and puts up with our photoshoot shennanigans every time. (She also took our engagement pics! See one below)

^ Having pajama parties

^  And cuddling on the sun porch in our new Rumpl blanket from my mom (performance down blanket!)

^ Making more wreaths for every door in the house now for Christmas

^  And going on Caribou Coffee dates with this hottie

^ Working from home some days with Lou.

^ Late night reading dates on the porch. (Just got a new heater for out there=bliss)

^ Making and orange zest-rosemary brown sugar butter rub for the bird at Thanksgiving

^ Taking walks on Thanksgiving while the bird was in the oven

^ Obsessing over our nephew sharing snacks with Louis and watching them lick each other

^ And teaching Bowman (the nephew) about the different birds in the woods behind our house

^ And going to holiday parties with the best hubs around.

Thanks for sticking around y'all. All posts this month will be about how to make the holidays more affordable and enjoyable and will let you in on what we're doing over here at Mount Pooks (what we call our house) 

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