Out and About in Atlanta

Charley and I are weekend warriors and this weekend was no different. I'm at training for the next three weeks so we made sure to cram in a lot of activities, chores, and quality time. 

Friday night we went to the OK Cafe for date night. It's an Atlanta classic and really has been since it opened in 1987. It's so funky and cool inside, they even have a room with this massive paper mache tree, "the family tree" in the middle. I would definitely recommend the roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and collard greens. Hello, home cooking! 

Yesterday we went to the High Museum to see the "Dream Cars" exhibit. We parked over in Ansley and saw the Iris Garden (planted in 1930) beforehand. 

They have a pretty amazing array of some of the rarest cars in the world. I loved the older ones but it was pretty cool to see the BMW they released in 2001 that changes shape to meet the mood of the minute of its owner. It's exterior is made from a mesh fabric. They even had a sample of the fabric that you could touch...because let's face it-we're all 10 and want to touch it. 

We renewed our dual membership and this year they even upped the benefits. You get a pass for both membership owners so all visits are free for a year, 4 free passes for any of your friends to go,  and if you run out of your 4 passes and you want to take somebody with you, and both of the membership owners aren't there, the other person can use your membership for free entry. If you're both there, your guests only have to pay $5. Usually fees are $19 and higher. The membership is great if there's two of you, especially if you tend to go a lot.

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  1. OUUUUUUUCH!!!! Tell Louis to give you doggie kisses to make those bites feel better! Sorry the skeeters got you! :(


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