Out and About in San Diego

Listening.: Lana Del Rey, Ultra Violence. Favorite songs are Blue Hydrangea and Black Beauty-so good!
Following: So many fugging Frenchies people think I have a problem. Well shit. The first step's admitting it. ::raises hand:: This little guy, @turtlebatpig, is one of my faves. Follow his world tour of domination and overlord-ness on Instie for some great laughs.

Reading: just finished, In the City of Bikes by Pete Jordan last night (a fellow urban planner, author who discusses how Amersterdam got to be such a heavy bike-transit city). So good! Just started Kelly Oxford's book too. Kind of disappointing so far. Hi, I already read Chelsea Handler's book and she put her back into it. Literally. Love that slut.

Also reading a travel book about Peru.Planning a trip with two of my bffls and husband to hike the Inca Trail next May.NOT thrilled about training for it...hills = ew.

Loving: My job and feeling challenged again.

Enjoying: ...the shit out of San Diego. The weather's finally gotten sunny and amazing and I am in love with all the Mexi-everything. Just call me Juanita, gente. And Balboa?! STOP. I sat in the rose gardens huffing myself into oblivion like a kid with rubber cement last night. 

Sharing: A bed with a snoring dog and husband, when I get home. Otherwise, just sharing way too many pics on Instie...as usual.

This is what one must endure to live with a Frenchie. This is legit how I woke up last week...
Focusing: On learning anything and everything about anything. Really enjoying this conference and reading more these days.
Quote: A warrior feeds her body well. She trains it, works on it. Where she lacks knowledge, she studies. But above all, she must believe her strength of will and purpose and heart and soul. 
-David Gemmel

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