Sand, Fondue, and Amazing Books: 30A

I am obsessed with trains, if you know me at all, you know it's a thing. This is a vintage postcard showing The Orange Blossom Express going through the Orange Groves, likely Central Florida. 

Sorry for being a neglectful blogger y'all! Charley, Louis, and I headed down to his folks' beach house in Santa Rosa on 30A this past weekend to celebrate his birthday a little early (it was yesterday). We had an absolute ball. Ironically, my first trip to 30A was with my bffl, Jaime, about a month before I met Charley, and is still one of my favorite day trips I've ever taken. Having gone to FSU, I'm ashamed to say I never went while I was in school, but waited until I had already graduated. Here are some pictures and a little bit about what we did this weekend! Enjoy!

Day 1:
This is the view of Western Lake on the way down to Seaside. One of my favorite views on the planet.
Because Santa Rosa is an hour behind Atlanta, we have a tendency to wake up pretty early when we're there. We got in around midnight so Lou baby was not excited to be woken up at the crack of dawn to go for a walk...until he saw his sweet new wheels for the weekend! Mr. Pup, LOVES the golf cart- he thinks it's like The Bird, but for bad ass bullies. We took him for a walk on the beach and made sure to have him chug water (for those of you who don't know, bullies get overheated very quickly and can die almost immediately). The little goofball ate so much sand and his daddy had to keep scooping it out of his mouth. Sir, that is not snow. He's pretty, but definitely not the smartest little thing on the planet. 
They see me rollin...

We decided to leave him back at the house because he was looking like he popped a Xany and chased it with a beer by the end of the walk. We headed down the road to Seaside (where The Truman Show was filmed!) for breakfast, a stroll around the market, and to visit our FAVORITE bookstore.

The chocolate croissants from the farmers market were amazing! So crunchy and flaky on the outside and absolutely perfect and dark on the inside.
Poor Charley. Thought he was going to get a few bites of this croissant...reach for it and you'll draw back a nub. I'm not responsible for what happens when there are pastries around. #FATGIRLFRENZY

We decided to hit up the market first so we could get the best pick of everything. We bought a croissant to "share" (yea right), a bag of homemade dog treats for Loucifer, fresh Gallberry honey from the most adorable little beekeeper (her business is called the Honey Hutch), and some tomatoes because Charley's been having a BLT moment lately. We then headed to The Great Southern which is right on the square, and had breakfast. Since I had already plowed through the croissant, I just got bacon and a mimosa but Charley got the Eggs Sardou, poached eggs with collards and a side of cheesy grits.Poached eggs are not my thing but it does looks amazing!

We then strolled around the shops on the square including Sundog Books and Mercantile. Sundog has been one of my favorite bookstores since I found it 3 years ago-great selection and such a cool little vibe! There's a music store upstairs too if you need some tunes for your drive back home. Mercantile is another local favorite. It only opened about a year or so ago but everything there is to die for. I would own everything in that store if I could. Their branding is all longhorn skulls and wings-Helloooo, my name is Rachel and I think I'm a prairie goddess. If you can make it out of leather and lace, I'll take 12. These ladies know what's up. I finally bought myself the Annie Parker cuff I've been wanting for a year and an awesome flowy tunic/dress (on most women it'd be a dress but with these legs and my rhino hips, somebody's throwing shorts on underneath)
So many fun things! I was so bummed that cute phone case on the left didn't fit mine.

We went to the beach later that afternoon and got cleaned up for dinner at Cafe Tango. I'll warn you, it's pretty expensive but their appetizers and desserts were amazing. I was kind of underwhelmed by the entree-I got grouper with a jalapeno cream sauce but honestly, it was so bland and the sauce was far from a cream sauce, more of a beurre blanc. If I were going to give you a recommendation, it would be the key lime and honey scallop appetizers and the chocolate molten cake for dessert. 
Day 2:

The next day we woke up early again and took Louser for another beach walk, he is soooo cute in the sand! We then let him go home and nap and we headed to Rosemary Beach (just past Seaside and my absolute favorite of all the beaches based on the diverse architecture).

Ohhh if I could share smells with y'all! This jasmine, get outtt.
I would kill to have windows like this in my kitchen!
There's a little restaurant called La Crema Tapas and Chocolate that Charley and I've bought Red Chili Dark Chocolate bars from before but we've never gotten to eat there. We figured this trip we were finally going to try out their fondue. OH. MY. GOD. It was so good! And entirely affordable, $16 for 2 different types of chocolate and a platter of different fruits and things to dip!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach with Lou (dogs are only allowed on the beach with a permit tag and after 4:30 FYI) and obviously, my tan lines are flawless. He's so clingy. He ended up getting a little chilly so he ended up wearing my cover up as a dress. He just stabbed me with his claws while I type this and told me I better correct dress to "cape."
I was starving at 7ish and everybody knows that when I get hungry...let's just say nobody's safe. We decided to skip the sunset and go get ready for dinner at the restaurant Lou baby was named after, LOUIS LOUIS. 2 words: CRAB. CAKE. That's the one and only thing I ever order. Do yourself a favor and just go. There's a sign on the wall that says Rachelle Lauren's (my name before I got married) that I have wanted for years and I'm hoping one day they'll decide to sell it to me for the B&B I want to own one day. 
We went back to the house and passed out. The next morning we spent walking Lou, cleaning the house, and then took a quick run to the outlets while the towels were drying...J.crew outlet, why must you boast such cute clothes and all on saleeeeeeeeeeee?! I did far too well and came home with a whole bunch of stuff that will be super cute at my new job...and I got a few things for our next trip to Key West. We went to Acme Oysters for lunch before we hit the road and in true 30A fashion, Charley got his Chow Face on. He got an Oyster PoBoy and half a dozen char-grilled oysters. They smell great, but once again it's not my thing. I hate the texture.
We headed home after lunch and while I was driving, Charley read me some of this architecture book we bought at Sundog. We started reading to one another to keep engaged with one another. We have a private book club, just Charley and I, and this has kind of become a fun new part of that. 

Hope y'all had a great weekend too and are having a great week! As always, email me if you have any questions or want recommendations and I love getting y'alls comments! Stay tuned to hear about my upcoming trip to Kentucky, our anniversary trip to Key West, and how the remodel is going!


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  2. One day you will have flowing grey locks and be dripping in pounds of turquoise you prairie goddess you. making me miss FL and you darlin!!!! Glad you had a killer weekend :)

  3. I'm glad you are introducing me to some new places in 30-A because I very rarely make time to go up there and enjoy a relaxation break. Maybe I'll take some time and ride over there this weekend. Definitely want to hit up the book store. Thankful y'all had another sweet trip and the weather cleared up just in time for you!


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