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I started this blog to motivate others to take advantage of all opportunities that came their way, to devour their life in all senses and lately, I've been doing just that. I officially resigned from my current job on Friday and have about a month before I start my new job. I will miss the majority of the people I work with and some of them might even miss me #youcantfirefun. Instead of "breaking the news," we all decided to have a major throw down on Friday night. It consisted of a lot of booze, Jenga, the Claremont, cab drivers' cell phones, and a tattoo shop at 2am...I want to throw up and chug Gatorade as I think about it. Fireball is NOT your friend.
 Lou judging his hungover mama yesterday morning.

Anyway,I plan on spending the next few weeks taking advantage of this insane amount of free time. Charley and I just got back from New Orleans last week (I'll post about it later this week) and we'll be headed to the beach house on 30A this coming weekend (if you don't know about 30A, that's a problem. It's CR-30A in the Florida Panhandle where Seaside is). See last year's pics below: 

Dune Allen Beach on 30A last year. No I'm not naked. Would not want to subject people to that.

Frostbites at Seaside-best snow cones on the planet!
Biking 30A is one of my favorite parts of going to 30A. This is in front of Western Lake.

After that, I'm off to Kentucky to see one of my dearest friends, Chelsea. Some serious sightseeing and girl time is going to go down. The weekend after is the one that's hard to believe-OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! We're driving down to my folks' house in Naples, FL and leaving Mr. Lou dog with his Grammy and Grampy. We're taking the Key West Express down for a long weekend and we've booked the cutest little b&b. I'm planning on showing Charley around the island via scooter! I used to go down there for weeks on the boat with my folks and I love everything about that place. We plan on going snorkeling, seeing Ernest Hemingway's house, eating our body weight in lobster and key lime pie, and spending as much time in the sun as we can! STAY TUNED for pics and recommendations about all the places I/we go! 

This weekend: 

Cruising in "The Bird" as Charley calls it, the convertible we inherited from his late Grandpa.
Walking Lou in our neighborhood. How cute is our neighbor for decorating their lawn?!

Paris on Ponce. If you haven't been, it's a super cool antique store in Atlanta. Charley and I are MAJOR antiquers (post about this later).

Atlanta's Westside White Provisions District. It used to be an old meatpacking district and has been transformed into one of the hippest places in town. Boutiques, restaurants, bars-it's one of my favorites. Jeni's icecream on the right, known for the strange flavors. I got Chocomole (chocolate with cayenne among other flavors) and Wildberry Lavender. 

Hope y'all had great weekends too and thanks for always checking back in!!! I love hearing your thoughts and taking requests for posts!

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  1. Fireball is the spawn of Satan that it depicts on it's bottle. I can't even smell it without remembering hours on the cold bathroom floor. You do realize that when you are on 30A you are about twenty/thirty minutes from me. We should meet up, but NOT to drink Fireball!


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