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Iceland in Winter-Day 3

Day 3 of the Iceland trip in January was a long one! We woke up really early and trucked it to Stykkisholmur. We could have just stayed at the cabin all morning until our tour of Langajokull glacier, but really no point in just loafing around-THIS IS ICELAND! We got to see the mountains and village during the day, have lunch and then head back south to make our tour. It wasn't the best trip chain but we really didn't have many options as our tour had been moved back a day because of the storm that had hit the day before. Luckily, we got familiar with the route when the sun was up because after the glacier tour, it was pitch black and we got stuck in a white out. Yes. A white out. In the dark. Safe, right?

Scandi Life Books in Review

I've moved on from being obsessed with hygge to being enthralled by the rest of Scandi culture, politics, design, and social welfare. I've read two books on the subject of Scandi life recently, one being significantly better than the other, in my opinion, but judge for yourself!

Lessons Learned: Vol 3

When you're by yourself on the road for weeks, the silence becomes deafening and sometimes it gets lonely. Anybody who tells you otherwise is borderline a hermit or a complete liar.

Luckily, I enjoy being alone and I've learned to accept and even appreciate silence but there are times when you've got to do something before you go loopy.


Find a friend (fuzzy or otherwise) even when you're completely off the grid, blast some good music, find some great food, and do a lot of stretching.

Lessons Learned: Vol 2

You might recall that when I was on my road trip through the Southwest, I wrote a post about things I learned along the way and said that I'd do a few more of those. I'm going to be doing posts soon about my favorite gear, the importance of music/movies/podcasts when you're solo for weeks on end, and gratitude for people who showed me kindness along the way. This post is about how I planned on not planning...but I had to plan a little...

Why I Want to Drop Marie Kondo Off in a War Zone.

I'm not one to slam a book or an author but every so often, I just can't deal. I've gotta do it. If I start a book, I pretty much always finish it-I feel this disgusting, soul-rotting guilt otherwise. Anyway-I read this book expecting to become some zen minimalist with all sorts of glittering epiphanies along the way-instead, I wanted to smash my nook (at the time that's what I was reading on) into a million pieces. And since apparently the whole world has read this book, I feel that I've got to explain why this book so royally chapped my ass.

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